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yellowcampcat 09-13-2006 04:14 PM

newborn starting to act colicky--any suggestions??
My first dd screamed a few hours a day for 3 months or so and had the classic colicky symptoms - drawing up legs, red face,frantic rooting, incessant screaming followed by an almost drugged looking relaxation only to repeat the cycle a few minutes later. Hers started at about 3 weeks. My newborn is 2 weeks old, and has had a couple of episodes already. They have only been for an hour or so, so I"m counting my blessings, but was wondering if anyone had an miracle colic cures?? I've heard there's an acidophilus powder that can be mixed with breastmilk that helps? Could it really be something I'm eating? I don't drink much milk, don't eat broccoli or cabbage. HELP!!

naturegirl7 09-17-2006 09:41 PM

Re: newborn starting to act colicky--any suggestions??
DS had colic too - here is what helped us.

Gripe Water (available at healthfood stores) - it has ginger, fennel, chammomile, and sodium bicarb (an acid neutralizer). This stuff is a godsend!

Chiropractic adjustments - man did these help alot!!! Just being born throws them all out of whack - once DS was adjusted, he nursed better, slept better, and didn't cry nearly as much. He went 3x a week for a few months until he was holding the adjustments and then cut down to 1x month.

The "colic hold" and swinging....really got the gas out. Especially after a dose of gripe water, it would pour out of him.

Warm baths or warm showers with mama - helped soothe and just get some gas out.

Babywearing - it helped him alot. His episodes were shorter, plus I think the being upright so much helped. Plus being worn soothed him. THe wrap is great for anewborn and super easy to make your own for Cheap!

We co-sleep, and we elevated the head of the bed on wooden blocks - it worked for pregnancy heartburn, and seemed to help DS sleep better at night too.


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