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starryeyedgyal 05-04-2008 09:51 PM

Genetian Violet
Can someone please tell me how to use this? I think Evie has thrush. She's been a little fussy lately, so I looked in her mouth wondering if she could be teething. Instead I found white patches in the far back corner of her mouth on her gums. She also has a white patch on her tongue that I thought was milk at first, but now I'm thinking otherwise. Help!

doberbrat 05-05-2008 09:02 AM

Re: Genetian Violet
Apply Vaseline or lanolin to baby’s lips & mouth.

Take a q-tip and stick it to the faucet so it gets damp w/water. Then dunk the qtip in water and swish it in baby’s mouth. I found it easiest to do when they’re sleeping.

At the same time, treat yourself. Take a new qtip and do the same for each breast. (don’t put the used qtip back into the bottle.

Huggies natural care unscented w/aloe wipes remove most of the ‘blue’ from skin. Do NOT do this in your best white bathrobe or on your white carpets, the stuff stains. Alcohol will remove most of the stain but not all from fabrics.

Cut as much of the sugar from your diet and take grapefruit seed extract if you really think it’s a problem.


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