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offlikeapromdress 09-15-2006 09:56 AM

How often to wash a baby?
Just wondering

pinkflamingos77 09-15-2006 10:00 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
i only do full baths once a week and the rest of the week it is a warm wipe down with a baby cloth. my baby girl does not need it anymore then that.

halyled 09-15-2006 10:04 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
Newborns don't need tub baths more than every few days, just clean their hands and face with a warm washcloth each day (and neck, too...easy to get gunk in there, esp if baby is chubby) and clean their bottom at each diaper change.

Once they start crawling and/or eating solids, then you may want to bathe more often, maybe every other day. Some parents bathe DC every day, but I just don't think it's necessary. My DS's both have sensitive skin that gets dry very easily (like me) and too-frequent bathing only exacerbates it.

daisyprincess98 09-15-2006 10:04 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
We do full baths about twice a week and wipe downs when needed. 11 week old DD is bottle fed and tends to get formula caught in the fat rolls of her neck and it stinks!!!! Not to mention irritates her skin.

ETA: I guess "skin folds" of her neck sounds a lot nicer :blush:

offlikeapromdress 09-15-2006 10:08 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
Aidan is 7wks old and is a very sweaty baby. I had always heard to never wash them every day b/c their skin dries out, but honestly, he smells. Im thinking of bathing him every morning. Just was wondering if anyone else seemed to have this experience. My two girls get a bath every other day but they are 1 and 3.

FancifulFanny 09-15-2006 10:08 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
I did a bath every day but it was more because he loved them and was a fussy baby. It seemed to really soothe and calm him so I needed it as much as he did. DS never had any skin sensitivities or issues from the baths and in fact the pediatrician commented on how soft his skin was so we didn't have that as a concern.

SheilaJoy 09-15-2006 10:24 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
I bathe every few days. My kids all have super dry skin, so I usually bathe them when they're dirty. :giggle:

CakeMama 09-15-2006 10:32 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
we wash every other day now, but as for very little ones i recommend mustela no rinse cleaner for in between baths. it's safe for sensitive skin, doesn't dry skin out and really dissolves dirt and oil without the need for water. you just apply with a cotton pad or wash cloth. hth! :goodvibes:

urchin_grey 09-15-2006 10:46 AM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
We've always bathed Bram once a day... now that he's feeding himself a lot though, I find it much easier just to stick him in the bath tub for a rinse after each meal. :giggle:

We had to do sponge baths from the time he was born to about 3mo though (because of serial casting) so I guess I felt like he needed that bath every day. Sponge baths just don't seem as "good" to me as getting IN the water, kwim?

rpg_mommy 09-15-2006 01:02 PM

Re: How often to wash a baby?
Ian usually gets full baths every 2-3 days. His skin gets so dry and we were fighting ezcema there for a while and any more often than that was just bad. If he gets super dirty, or has a nasty leaky diaper we'll take an extra bath.

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