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Spitcairn 05-09-2008 07:30 AM

Mamas who use otoscopes.....
I am fairly new to using an otoscope on my kids, started about 6 moths ago b/c of earwax issues. I have a Q about my ds's ears, I haven't seen an ear infection yet and I am hoping you can help me deicde if I need to see a doc. Let me say that I am one to wait it out before giving antibiotics. :goodvibes:

He just started on Wednesday with a cold. No fever or complaining but looking into his ears with my otoscope they look red. I don't think they look infected b/c I've googled pix to compare, no pus :yuck: . Just the eardrum itself looks bloodshot (clear with red veins). I've seen fluid in there in the past but none now. Would this just be considered red or an ear infection?

I will continue to watch them. This is my first time seeing something not normal (I usually check them at least once a week.) and I wanted your advice!

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