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jls~Kain~Drake 09-16-2006 07:26 AM

My baby is clingy...I mean, it's unbelievable and I've never seen a baby so clingy.

I cherish the cuddle time as I know they're only little for a short time, but it's getting old. I don't want to be flamed, but does anyone have any ideas on how to promote/encourage independence? He's approaching 13 months. I would get a sling or something, but I have some fairly serious prolapse issues (uterus, bladder, rectum aren't happy in there) and I can't just carry him all of the time because it makes the prolapse worse. I'm also going to be having surgery soon to correct the issues and won't be able to lift more than 10 lbs for 3 months.

I just feel like there's something I'm not doing to help him out.

MCR 09-16-2006 10:05 AM

Re: Clingy
Ouchie, sorry about your prolapse problems, that makes it very difficult with a clingy kid.
When my kids would get clingy I broght out an unused toy or toy set. I keep things like fisher price barnyard and play people, or playhoue and dolls, Duplos etc away in a closet. I have loads. Then I bring something different out and start plying with them, when they get interested I go off to get something, and come back, I do it a bunch of times, and eventually they let me set them up to play and let me go.
It's the only way I've been able to leave clingy kids and get anything done. You just have to remember to keep coming back and joining in for a few minutes. Or they get wise to it and stop playing and follow you around

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