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fussybutt 05-13-2008 12:43 AM

A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
Ok, so my DD is now 11 weeks old and I'm not going to quit BFing BUT this has been absolute HELL!!! Seeing a lactation consultant has been the only thing keeping me going at times.

I have had an extremely painful yeast infection on my nipples from the begining and nothing is helping. I use a presciption all purpose nipple ointment, a vinegar rinse, 6-10 billion probiotics and DD is on nystatin.

On top of that DD may have reflux but we tried infant Zantac and staying upright for 30 min. but her screaming hasn't stopped. I have a very active let down and good supply. My LC says I have an over abundance and I'm down to nursing on only one side at a time.

Since none of that seemed to work I started an elimination diet to weed out food sensitivities. I'm on week four and haven't had much more to eat than plain baked potatos, plain rice, and, starting this week, corn. My family and family-in-law think I'm nuts and they are right. Eating this way isn't healthy even if I am taking a prenatal vitamin. The screaming has lessened though. She used to scream about 12 hours a day, minus when she was eating, and the 20 min. after she ate. Now she is simply fussy most of the day with a few screaming fits thrown in. Usually 1hr-1 1.2 hours after eating.

Has anyone else done the elimination diet? Did it work?

Thanks for listening!

eco-baby 05-13-2008 01:06 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
I couldn't have ANY dairy with my dd, and my son HATES garlic and onions. DAiry is a biggy, but most stuff wont go through the milk - first (after dairy, dairy and soy - read read read those labels, it'll shock you where they hide it)) check any family allergies/sensitivies, and eliminate those for a bit.

DON'T switch breasts during every feeding, DRAIN one breast/feeding, next time offer the other one (or after a good burp, try but they rarely want the second breast after filling up on the first) the reason is the hind milk, she needs the fatty milk, and sometimes getting too much foremilk can cause gassyness/reflux.

I'd cut yeast out too (till the infection clears), but meats, most veggies, whole grains should be fine.

She may just be swallowing alot of air, try sitting cross legged and nurse her kinda sitting towards you, or lying down.
Both my kids LOVE (or loved as my girll is 8 yo - we made it 15 months nursing, YOU CAN KEEP GOING!) to be carried with the palm of thier tummies on my hand (?? lol likie on the palm of my hand, and I prop them up my arm, and kind bounce gently. hlps push the gas out.

BREASTFEEDING HELPS HER, IT DOESN'T HURT HER!! Remember that, and keep up the meds for yeast, but also a drop of tea tree oil in a bit of water to wipes your nip's and her bum could also help.

(((hugs)))mama, sorry so bossy like here, just super tired, as spelling shows :)

eco-baby 05-13-2008 01:08 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
PS if you search cloth wipes recipes there's one with aloe, vinager and tea tree oil that's an anti bac one - it should help the yeast.
Good luck mama

Mirasmom 05-13-2008 07:36 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
If your yeast is that bad it's time to get a prescription for diflucan. No sugar of any kind, dont' eat sugar...sugar feeds yeast.

graymojo 05-13-2008 08:04 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
I have the same problem. When you feel the letdown, pull the nipple out of your baby's mouth and let it squirt a little until the milk slows down.
I didn't do the elimination thing with the diet, but I did cut out dairy. Someone else told me that gravity will help a little, so laying down and nursing will slow the milk too...and it does seem to work as Grace is very happy nursing when we're laying down.

Also, Grace is very happy being held, so we've started wearing her around the house to keep her from crying when we're cooking and things. We have a back carrier meant for hiking (not the ones that sit on the shoulders), and also a snugli front carrier that she likes. It's funny because she likes the cheaper ones over the maya wrap. It'll get better.

myakylemom 05-13-2008 08:16 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
Hang in there it will get better. My #1 was not good at nursing, had reflux, cried a lot. I also found that a carrier helps. It took us about 3 months to actually get bfing going good.
My #2 does not have reflux, but I have been choking him with my fast letdown. I was told to feed one side at each feeding, not to switch sides during a feeding, it seems to have helped.

doberbrat 05-13-2008 08:43 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
gets better. had a HORRIBLE time w/sytemic yeast. ended up on diflucan for 8w and vinegar rinse, apno, gentian violet and cutting out sugar.

she's also allergic to strawberries, milk, and wheat so I had to eliminate those from my diet.

but, dd is now 30mo and still nursing well. its gotten us through many illlnesses etc.

Hugs to you, you're doing a WONDERFUL job. :heart:

SubliminalDarkness 05-13-2008 08:46 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
Are you sure it's a yeast infection?
For about 2 months I thought I had a very resistent yeast infection, when in fact it was something entirely different(oral deformities in my DS2, actually).

Sorry you're having a difficult time, but stick with it! :thumbsup: It sounds like you're doing great. And it does get better, even if things never become "normal."

saongiri 05-13-2008 08:53 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
My first bit of advice is congratulate yourself for sticking with it! Many many many mamas would have uit ages ago. You are awesome and a great mama for hanging in there, it WILL get easier I promise!
2nd--if you are not already involved with LLL please find a meeting-in the very least you will find some other bfing mamas to commiserate with IRL.
3rd- I had a terrible oversupply issue with Jack and it took at least 8 weeks to even out--that meant 8 weeks nursing 4-6 hours at a time n one side. We still had issues with it at 12 weeks but it was much better- he was also older and more able to handle the milk--- has great info on oversupply and treating it.

For thrush I used gentian violet and it worked great in about 3 days--its messy but it worked-- Jay gordon has a great worksheet on it.

:hugs: I promise you it will get better

Mamatoabunch 05-13-2008 10:47 AM

Re: A bit of Whining but would like to hear some advice.
I thought I had yeast w/ my fifth baby, but after several months of trying everything including diflucan I realized I had a bacterial infection on my nipples. Used bactroban and cleared it right up, pain was gone.

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