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seannamarie 05-20-2008 02:05 AM

BFing & losing weight?!
So I KNOW you're not supposed to do a 'diet' or strict exercise regime while bfing, BUT, I'm an ex-bulemic, who, if I don't get to a healthy weight, will want to revert. :yuck:

Right now I'm at about 158-160, and I NEED to get to at least 145 for my own peace of mind/mental health. I've already (had to) cut out dairy.... What exercise/cut outs of food can I do while ALSO staying healthy as a bfing mama?! OH- and I'm 3 months post-partum, so strenous exercise is still outta the question because of all a'those lose joints & stuff. :P

Thanks so much!

mrsallen 05-20-2008 06:08 AM

Re: BFing & losing weight?!
weight watchers is the easiest, healthiest way to lose while BFing IMO!

edens_mom 05-20-2008 08:33 AM

Re: BFing & losing weight?!
Whether you're breastfeeding or not, cut out refined grains, sugar, bad fats, processed food, etc. That stuff will not help you nourish your baby OR lose weight.

While BFing just make sure you're getting a good variety of vitamins and minerals. Take a multi if that helps you feel better, but remember there's really no replacement for the real thing. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains. You especially need the veggies (think dark and leafy) to replace the calcium you're missing out on from dairy. If you're not a vegetarian, and like my husband and I and typically eat way too much meat, cut back the meat to reasonable portions, but don't cut it out completely unless you know how to replace those nutrients in a vegetarian diet. (did that make any sense? :headscratch: ) Eat leaner meats (chicken, turkey, fish) if you're concerned about weight gain from red meat and pork.

If you just can't fathom eating that much from scratch, the Kashi brands are great, super tasty, healthy sources of pre-packaged breakfast/snacks/fast meals.

As far as the weight loss goes, a general rule of thumb I've heard is to lose no more than 2 pounds per week. And if your supply seems to be suffering or baby isn't gaining weight, I'd scale that back to 1. I don't think you're going to lose your supply overnight at 3 months pp so just try to be aware of what your body is doing.

Re: exercising.. I hate exercising. I have tried to like it but I really hate it! So I'm not much help there. Eden and I go on a 45 min-1 hour walk with her in the stroller almost every day. That's about it.

As far as the bulemia goes, I am so sorry. :( I have never struggled with an eating disorder so I don't really know what to say, except to try to encourage you. Whenever you get down about your weight, remember that your primary concern is to nourish your baby, and if you go back to your old habits you are not going to be able to do that. You can always lose the weight after you wean. :hugs: And for 3 months PP I'd say 158 is great!!! Remember it took you 9 months to get big and give it time to go down again.

Keep us posted, mama. :hugs:

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