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AngelMommy 09-19-2006 07:26 AM

updated! Help!!! DS escaped!!!


Oy, this has got to stop! I put him down last night and at 2 this morning, he was up. I heard him get up, and ran in. We snuggled and did night-night routine again, and I put him back down. 20 min later he brought a bag of cereal and dumped it onto me in my bed!! Argh! Crumbs everywhere! He then brought in his water cup and somehow got the lid off and dumped that on my bed. After about 2 hours of him jumping on me and dumping things on me, we put on one of the movies he was screaming for in hopes of going back to sleep. No such luck (for me anyway, DH slept through all of this, of course). So we have been up since 2. :cry: He fell asleep in the car for 5 minutes on the way home from the Dr. (2 yr. check-up), and now won't go down for a nap. I'm sooooo tired!!! :cry: DH promised to cut his door when he got home from teaching this afternoon! I don't know if I'll hold off that long! :banghead:

Original post:

His crib, that is! It started yesterday. I put him down for a nap, and I hear a thud, thump, thump, thump, thump, "oh hi!" Later he goes down for a nap late, but just fine. Last night he went down to sleep just fine, late, but fine. Then this morning, 6:00, the same thud, thump, thump, thump series. Clanking in the kitchen (he plays with the pots and pans in the kitchen), eats the icing off his birthday cake, then comes in to my bedroom, climbs onto our bed and says "good morning! good morning!"

I guess my question after all this is how did you transition to the big bed? He's old enough. He's been climbing into his crib for several months, but until yesterday never even attempted to climb out. Now that he knows he can, though, he does it at his whim. I guess it's time to transition. Any suggestions? Should I gate the doorway to his room so that he doesn't roam the house in the morning? this is all new to us!!! I guess I'm surprised he didn't immediately come in to us since usually he wants mommy first thing.

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks!!

kimb96 09-19-2006 07:59 AM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
We have a gate to keep ds in his room in the morning. Otherwise he would roam the house in the morning causing all kinds of disasters:giggle: Right ds's bed is a mattres on the floor. He kept falling out of bed so we put the mattress on the floor. You will need a rail of sorts if you don't put the bed on the floor. The transition went very well for us, other then falling out of bed. He still goes to bed at the same time but wakes up earlier, like at 630am. I put a few toys in his room and if I'm lucky he will play quietly until 7. Good luck!

A'smommy 09-19-2006 10:29 AM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
Dr. Karp (of the "Happiest Baby" books) says transition 'em when they climb out...get a toddler bed or a big bed with the mesh railing. He also says put a hook and eye latch on the outside of the door and show them they can't open the door when it's latched. That idea was specifically for time-outs I think. But should work for overnight too. I dislike the idea of latching DD in myself...a gate might work just as well. As far as the safety factor, well, if there was an emergency overnight now I'd have to go get her out of the crib, or DH would.

Hmm, OK I'm just rambling now...GL!

jls~Kain~Drake 09-19-2006 11:09 AM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
My 2yo can open the door and climb over we had to get those doorknob covers so that he can't open the door. If he's asleep, and it's ok for him to get out and roam the house when he wakes...I'll open the door (while he's asleep) that way when he wakes up..he can just leave...but if it's not ok for him to get up and roam (like, if I'm napping or something - which is very, VERY rare..but nonetheless)..then I leave his door closed and when he wakes, he knocks on it and tells me he's awake :) I transitioned him at 13 months because he was ready for the toddler bed...but ds2 is now 13 months and I didn't think he was probably ready for a toddler bed...but I just caught him climbing out of the play yard (his bed)! Looks like we may have to transition him now.

Babyvan 09-19-2006 11:13 AM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
Definately time to transition to a big bed ASAP. Until then, leave the rail down so at least if he falls he won't fall as far. Maybe put a cusion or spare matress on the other side so he can land on that. Could you transition him to a bed in your room for a while so you'd know when he gets up? I don't like the idea of locking him in his room. Can you seriously toddler-proof your home (lock cabinets, put an alarm on the door to outside, etc?)? I think that would be a gentler way to do it. Then just listen for the THUD THUMP THUMP THUMP and get up when you hear it. Take him back to bed, or whatever your routine is....or maybe put him to bed later or transition a nap out so he's more tired and may sleep longer in the morning. Lots of kids get up early, though. You may need to go to bed when he does so you are ready to get up when he is. Good luck!

hfitz5051 09-19-2006 11:23 AM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
Big bed time! He may not be so lucky getting out next time. If it makes you comfortable, get a baby gate for the door or keep it closed.

AngelMommy 09-19-2006 11:58 AM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
I think we're actually going to have to put a door knob cover on the inside of his door because if he can climb his crib rails, he can climb a door gate!! Yikes! we'll have to close his door, and put his chest in his closet and put child locks over the tops of those! Take the book shelf out of his room, because I"m sure he'll start climbing that! OMG. I guess I never even thought of all of this before!!

AngelMommy 09-19-2006 12:09 PM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
I just saw all the new responses! No matter how little of a nap he gets, or how late he goes down, he doesn't sleep any later, in fact he winds up getting up earlier.

As far as childproofing the house goes, we have childproofed, but DS just this week figured out how to climb the drawers (the handles on them, not by pulling them open, he wraps his toes around the handles, and scales them), he can get up on counters and turn on water. He can climb into the bath tub and turn on water. Just not safe to let him roam if I'm not awake.

Unfortunately, the thump thud thud did not wake me this morning, the clanging did (the cabinet that is safe for him to play in).

The latch outside his door is also a good idea. We may try that. It sounds harsh, but I would rather him be safe!!

We have a matress on the floor (it is a combination mattress/boxspring in one). We bought it when we were moving into the house so I would have somewhere for him to nap. We will be using that as his bed. It has been in his room for him to get accustomed to for the last several months to make the transition easier. He loves to cuddle in it before bed every night.

I like the idea of telling him that it is quiet time. We always put on "twinkle," his night-time music cd before bed. we will continue to put that on when we put him to bed. We will continue our routine minus moving him to the crib after prayers.

Wish me luck, I'll be doing this all on my own as DH leaves in an hour and won't be home until almost midnight!!!

Oh wait, I just remembered! We still have to cut and rehang the door to DS's room!! Oops!

Yikes! I guess it will have to wait a few days!

Leininger27 09-19-2006 12:22 PM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
I recommend going right the the twin size bed and skipping a toddler bed. I bought a toddler bed and then 3 months later my ds#2 didn't want to sleep in it anymore. He wanted to sleep in a big bed. He would have rather slept on the floor than sleep in the toddler bed! :giggle:

We bought a twin size bed that does not need a box spring so it is really close to the ground (like a toddler bed) in case he were to fall out. We tried the door knob things to keep him in his room, but he freaks out by the door being closed so instead we opted for a baby gate. He is much happier with that because he can still see out. He could climb out of his crib also, but still can't climb the baby gate (he isn't gated anymore, unless he is having "alone" time in his room).

AngelMommy 09-24-2006 03:29 PM

Re: Help!!! DS escaped!!!
So after a few stressful nights (including one at my parents' house! LOL), we have successfully transitioned to the big boy bed! Yay! Now, if only potty training would go that quickly!!! :giggle:

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