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marvelous 05-08-2006 07:21 AM

Another reason why I love cloth
For various reaons, money is about to really tight. So tight, that some bills won't get paid and other optional items like cell phones will probably be voluntarily cut off. But.....

I don't have to worry about diapers!

That is such a huge relief. Just do a load of laundry and voila! Clean diapers!

I couldn't imagine having to buy disposible diapers right now. **whew!**

Proverbs169 05-08-2006 07:26 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
So sorry for the financial problems. I understand where you're coming from, believe me!

And I agree, it is wonderful that we don't have to run to the store twice a week to buy sposies! :)

MamaZ 05-08-2006 07:35 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
I know, it feels so great knowing we never have to buy sposies :) I'm sorry about your financial probs. Don't worry, things always have a way of turning around. :hugs:

mama23boys 05-08-2006 07:35 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
gotta say i TOTALLY agree with you!! we have been there (our cells were off for 2.5wks) and its a huge huge relief just knowing that i dont have to scrape together $10+ for diapers not to mention the gas money....just gotta wash them! :)

the other thing too is that ds is a bf baby so no formula(this would be free bc of WIC) or bottles or we save a bundle there also!!

Shaineinok 05-08-2006 08:02 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
Been there and done that! Its a wonderful feeling knowing you don't have to worry about the important stuff!

marvelous 05-08-2006 09:15 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
Thanks for the support. The financial woes should be temporary. I am a teacher and my salary will pick back up in the fall. Hoping DH finds a better paying job before then! :crossfingers:

Another thing I thought about. Although there will not be any money in the budget to buy additional diapers, I can always sell diapers to buy new/new-to-me diapers. Can't do that with sposies!

And as far as the formula thing... My DD was born in April last year, so we were in a slightly better, but similiar situation. I was determined to and succeeded at b******, because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford formula.

I know what you mean momma!

rowynne 05-08-2006 10:15 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
My dh is a teacher as well & this is always a hard time of the year (until september). I am right there with ya! No sposies to buy this summer!!! Hopefully dh will get a FT offer (he subs now & works 2 other jobs so I can stay home till the fall).

aschrimp 05-08-2006 10:59 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
Yeah, I have noticed that it is amazing that, no matter how tight money is, we never have to worry if ds will be taken care of. Everything that we need to meet his basic needs is here and costs nothing!
I can eat potatoes, pinto beans, rice and freezer veggies for a month (can't do ramen, I am vegetarian and wheat free due to ds's allergies) and my milk will still have everything in it ds needs. The diapers are already bought and paid for. As long as we keep the rent paid and the electricity on, ds will be clean, dry, warm and well fed. :) It helps me to put true *needs* in perspective...

GrowingUpMad 05-08-2006 11:21 AM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
I know what you mean! We just found out (this morning actually) that our basement walls are bowing (we had someone come out to give a price on redoing it into a living space) and it's going to be in the $10,000 range to get just the walls fixed :cry: Since I am preggers and high risk no working for me but bet your booty I am going to be doing custom orders like mad.

I am thrilled at the fact that when Lilly arrives I will not have to worry about buying diapers or wipes and since I use cloth mama pads no buying those either. I have tried unsucessfully with my 2 other children to bf and am praying that it works out this time. I can't imagine buying formula, especially since both of my other 2 needed that special formula, and my dh's income is above th WIC guidelines.

aschrimp 05-08-2006 04:29 PM

Re: Another reason why I love cloth
If you had trouble breastfeeding your other two, and want it to work out this time, you should seriously consider locating a lactation consultant prior to having your baby who you can call to help you out with problems. If you don't have the # already, it will be much easier to turn to formula if the going gets rough.

If you can't afford an LC, see if there is a local LLL group - I had one of the leaders who is also an LC offer to do an eval on ds's latch after a meeting because I've developed sore nipples after 8 mos of bfing - not sure if it's thrush or if he's developed a bad latch since his teeth came in (oh, and he bites). Obviously with a 8 mo old who is already a good nurser, I had plenty of time to make contact with LLL, but if I had a newborn who wasnt nursing well, it would have really helped to have a contact or two already.

Even an LC, though, would be a minor expense compared to the cost of buying formula for a year...

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