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borabora511 05-24-2008 08:42 AM

Questions about introducing solids...
I was reading a few threads, and I forget which momma was talking about the requirements/milestones that the baby needs to accomplish before it's okay to starts solids. I've heard about the sitting up unassisited because of proper muscle/intestinal development- but I'd never heard of the open gut thing... Do you have a reference where I can read up about that?

My son is almost 4 months- but I don't have any desire to start regular food until he's 6 months old- later if I can. He is EBF right now, but he does sleep 9hrs a night- sometimes waking at 4am to eat, sometimes I feed him while he's asleep at 4am (just because I like to go to the gym)... I worry about him regressing if he starts to get too hungry... am I insane? Does the caloric content of BM change as he gets older?? He's a big guy- like 18lbs right now, and whenever he is given a bottle, he still only drinks about 4oz of it... maybe he sucks more out of me and I don't know it, but when he takes a bottle it's always the same (and he was doing that at 2 months old)?!?!?

I have a food list from my Naturopathic doctor about which foods to introduce first because of nutrient content that babies need, so I think I will follow that, along with the Super Baby food book stuff- I like their cereal recipe.

Any other suggestions?

daisy0306 05-24-2008 08:45 AM

Re: Questions about introducing solids...
sitting on their own, holding up their own head, expressing an interest in your food. Good for you for waiting :goodvibes: DD is almost 10 months and almost entirely BF and doing fine.

babydoll101 05-24-2008 09:30 AM

Re: Questions about introducing solids...
My dd couldn't take it anymore. lol She is 7 months and she really wanted our food. I guess the whole thing is up to them. Just like potty training really. She opens her mouth and swallows great.

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