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lovemy3boys 05-26-2008 02:22 AM

making a meal-plan for 2 10month olds??
i need a little help here.. with my first, he started solids at 4.5 months and switched to formula at 6.. with my twins, they are 10 months and we are still BF strong and no sign of stopping, but i'm at a loss when it comes to solids. they don't do the baby cereal. they don't do purees. we are more on the BLW side of it. they love food though. they've had steamed veggies and some of the gerber graduate melting biscuts (a few differnt kinds) the cheese and apple puffs, the wheels.. that stuff.. they love it. but that's only once every day or two.. as much as they love it, they are just b**bie babies! i do love it, but with thier birthday coming up and possibly being able to actually leave them somewhere with someone, i just need to get it all straight in my head what to feed them. we can start doing like kix or cherios in the morning.. applesauce too i'm sure but they just aren't liquidy babies.. i don't know how they'd react. i dont' remember when i gave eggs to ODS, but i know they say to wait till 1year. is it really a big deal? could i start that earlier? I should also mention that they were 7 weeks premature so i try to abide by the adjusted age scale for things as far as starting solids, milk, and other developments like that. oh, they are totaly not interested in thier sippies and i'm not going to do bottles. i got rid of them all and don't intend on ever getting more! ODS went from formula in bottle to milk in cup at 1 year and it was an easy switch so i don't want to wrestle with taking bottles away from them later.

but anyway, i guess knowing what other 10-14ish month old babies are eating would be nice. like what does your whole day look like from the food persepective?? they each have 4 teeth too, so they can do some chompin if they need to. Thanks for any help mama's! i just feel like i'm doing everything for the first time because everything from conception has been different this time around:giggle2:

and one last thing.. i don't intend on cutting out the BFing either.. that's all on them. i'm content to nurse forever at this point:giggle:

Jz_Doll 05-26-2008 03:23 PM

Re: making a meal-plan for 2 10month olds??
Marissa is also 10 months, and mostly breastfed. She isn't on much of a solid schedule either. She always eats supper with us, and sometimes breakfast or lunch. rarely does she eat 3 meals in a day. She does get a lot of snacks though. while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen, she sits in her high chair. She loves to feed herself shredded cheese, small pieces of toast and baby cookies/puffs.
for meals, I cook or microwave veggies like squash, sweet potato, green beens ( I use frozen organic ones and simply soak them in hot water until warmed through then blend them up in the Miracle blender) she gets lots of avocado and banana because it is quick and easy for me.
She is at the age now when I am going to let her try a white fish, like cod.
lunch is often soft veggie soup or a single fruit or veggie.
She loves yogurt and cottage cheese, though I am waiting for her cold to go away. Not a huge fan of apple sauce, though the mixed fruit blends are more pleasing.
It is supposed to be ok to give her egg yolk, but my dr told me to wait just to be safe.
you can also look at this site for ideas, I check it at least once or twice a week.

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