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kissum 05-08-2006 12:12 PM

Help me shop for fitteds!
I am looking for trim fitting, possibly lower rise medium fitteds. I was putting away my wash last night and realized I have more wool than fitteds. :giggle: So instead of selling of some wool, I decided I am in desperate need of new diapers. I'm looking for fairly cheap, I don't need anything fancy. Thanks!

kimb96 05-08-2006 12:39 PM

Re: Help me shop for fitteds!
Swaddlebees outlet is stocked. I bought some second quality ones and only 2 of the 5 I bought have noticeable flaws, both having serging flaws. Not a big deal to me and it is a great deal. Swaddlebees are very trim and they make up the bulk of my stash.

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