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lovemygirls 05-08-2006 03:21 PM

Wool wash bar and Sheep Balm Question
Okay, so today I received my Wool wash bar and sheep balm from ITS. Now how do I wash my wool items? Do I just scrub the wool with the bar and then lanolize it somehow? For all of you that use ITS wool bar and sheep balm tell me what I have to do.... thanks!! :)

Birdee 05-08-2006 07:13 PM

Re: Wool wash bar and Sheep Balm Question
You can gently rub the bar on to the wool and squeeze gently to lather it up but be very careful about scrubbing it too much - that can cause the wool to felt!!! Once it is lathered I usually let it soak for a bit. then rinse and gently squeeze out excess water - again do not wring it too much or it might felt! rolling it in a towel works well to squeeze out any excees water. lay flat to dry. Oh and use lukewarm/cool water only.

Once dry I just scoop out some lanolin blam, rub it between my hands a bit and scrunch it into the wool where I want it. i find it dissolves nicely and have not had a problem with clumping. HTH!:thumbsup: and enjoy your wool:loveit:

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