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Alex42106 09-25-2006 12:12 PM

I am going back to college tomorrow night. I'll be gone for about four hours, and I'm in a panic. Alex is still EBF, and I'm having to pump to make sure he can eat while I am gone. I need help..... How much should I pump? Am I going to need to pump to relieve pressure while I am at school? I've never left Alex for more than twenty minutes before and I am worried that this could be a disater. I will only be attending classes one night a week, but I am completely unprepared for this. Any words of wisdom or advice from other moms who know more than I do would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this got so long, thanks in advance.

MamaMel 09-25-2006 12:20 PM

To help pump more try pumping while nursing. Hard at first but works awesome

Also I would take 4-6 oz which is a little high but whoever is feeding him will think he needs more than 3 oz and chances are hes going to be fussy!

You may need to pump to releive pressure but I doubt it. 4 hours isn't that long. if need you can just hand express a little. Just make sure whoever is feeding him to not feed him right before you are going to get him so you can nurse him right away.

Has he started solids? Does he take bottles well?

uk2usa 09-25-2006 12:43 PM

You can nurse him 15 minutes or so before you leave, but remember to relax. You might be anxious about getting to class/giving him enough milk etc, and that may make baby anxious too. So, don't feed him as you're about to rush out of the door.
Chances are, he might be fine for 4 hours. Maybe dad could drive by your class and you could ask for a 5 minute break to nurse your baby. Depending on convenience.
Remember, he won't starve...:)
You could pump several 1-2 oz bottles at a time too, especially if he isn't used to a bottle. That way if he flat out refuses a larger bottle, it won't go to waste. Just store the smaller portions for next week.
How old is he? I knew a mum who would ask me to give her 6 month old BM in a regular cup instead of a bottle.

Note...never add freshly pumped BM to an existing bottle, even if it was pumped earlier that day.

Good Luck...Let us know how it goes :)

Alex42106 09-25-2006 12:56 PM

He's five months old, no he's not on solids yet, he has only had to take a bottle like four times in his life, and so I don't know if he will respond well to a bottle. I'll have to get Chris to try the cup thing, also; someone told me to try feeding him with a medicine syringe..... isn't that kind of mean?

Kimmomy2dom 09-25-2006 01:59 PM

Sometimes that's the only way they'll take it (the medical syringe). We're using them to dispense medication right now, and it doesn't seem mean to me just difficult, LOL!!
I would say 4 hours you'll be OK w/o pumping, too. My girls surprise me with occasional 5 or 6 hour stretches and although I have SUPER hard breasts, I'm fine, KWIM? I go 4 hours sometimes and that isn't nearly as bad.
Good luck!!

uk2usa 09-25-2006 02:12 PM

Don't forget to wear breast pads.
You never know.
Leakage may occur :)

GrandIsp 09-25-2006 02:21 PM

Good luck mama you'll be ok!

You might find that he does great with DH and without the mama smell around he won't be reminded that he wants to nurse. I agree with PP 4 hours isn't too bad - but I TOTALLY understand your worries. When you haven't been gone from your babe much it is so hard. You feel like you're in a race against the clock to get home and nurse again. He will adjust and so will you. My bet is that he will be able to go without nursing during that time, and just nurse right before you leave and right when you get home. But I've been wrong before - LOTS! :mrgreen:

I always found that pumping first thing in the morning, either during or after DSs first am feed, got me the most milk. SInce you're only needing to do this once a week, your body may not 'adapt' as it would if you were to fall into this schedule every day, so you may find yourself leaking during class as the PP said.

MelDM 09-25-2006 02:37 PM

I go to school as well one night a week for four hours. One hint of advice that i learned last week. When DD breastfeeds it's usually only from one breast. So i fed her and went to school. BAD idea! My one breast that i hadn't fed her from, was so engorged and sore! This week i am going to make sure to pump WHILE i feed her. But you should be okay for four hours, the boob i had fed her from was fine till i got home.

As for how much to pump, i really couldn't tell you. My daughter was in the NICU for 7 weeks, and therefore i have a HUGE stash of frozen milk! So my husband would know how much, but i don't because i'm gone!

Alex42106 09-25-2006 11:55 PM

:bump: for the night time mommas

mamamac 09-26-2006 07:27 AM

IMO (no I am not a Lactation Consultant, but I am a Pumpin Mama) - I would explain to the teacher that you are a breastfeeding mama and you need to pump during break. Explain that it may take 10-15 minutes, maybe even 20, but that you would be right back. Find someone in the class that you can copy notes from or bring a recorder. See if there is a room or office that you can pump in (don't use the bathroom unless you absolutely need to) or if you park close, use your car. I would pump until your done. That way you can have some milk in storage for the next time. Or if you are able to feed him before you leave, pump the other one at the same time. That way if he gets hungary he can have a little snack before you get home. Then as soon as you get home feed him again. About the whole bottle daughter will not take a bottle from me, but will take one from my husband or caregiver. It took her awhile to figure it out, but when they're hungary they will eat, no matter where it comes from. It will get easier everytime you go to class, hang in there.

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