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Bala 06-11-2008 08:29 AM

CLOSED:Any NoVA moms for a Huggabuns coop?
I need 2-3 more Huggabuns (old style) and would like to start a coop to take advantage of free shipping, 10% discount.
If we order 13 diapers the per diaper cost would be $8.27
which is a saving of apprx $3 per diaper including shipping
If you are ordering diapers ovber $100 yourself, can I piggyback for free shipping and 10% discount. I'll pickup from you.

I live close to Tysons Corner on Route 7 (Leesburg Pike). If there is interest I will take care of placing the order and receiving the diapers. You can pickup when the diapers arrive, or if you live close by I can drop. I do ask that you pay me before I place the order.

Details on sizing can be found here . The mediums are the longest use ones from 15-28 lbs. I started using them on my 4.5 month old and they fit great. I know moms who use them for 2 year olds.
I use Huggabuns exclusively and love them (I settled on them after trying half a dozen other assorted diapers including pockets, AIO, fitted and PFs). I have a stash of 13 in the older style and it works fine for me washing every other day. I have 6 green, 6 blue and 1 red. The red PUL is softer than the green and blue.

I also want to try the white, some say it hides stains better because it has a navy fleece lining.

glow 06-16-2008 08:57 AM

Re: Any NoVA moms for a Huggabuns coop?
id be interested

Bala 06-17-2008 05:49 AM

Re: Any NoVA moms for a Huggabuns coop?
Sorry, I cross posted on the local Yahoo group and got enough takers to place an order. This coop is closed.

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