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qtxann315 06-17-2008 08:03 PM

Neighbors kid keep asking for Candy!
My toddler has a friend who lives behind our house. She comes over almost every day, which I don't mind at all, because she keeps my toddler busy. The one thing that does tick me off is that she always asking for sugary drinks or food. She's always asking for candy, ice cream soda etc. My toddler, doesn't eat that much sugary sweets because she rather munch on apples, carrots and etc. When I tell my daughter's friend no, she goes to my daughter and tells her to ask me for sugary food. I tell her no also but also give in from time to time because I think I need to treat them for being good, but I don't want my toddler to get into the phase of asking for candy all the time. Anyway, any advice for having the neighborhood kid to stop asking for these sweets.

crystalanne79 06-17-2008 09:22 PM

Re: Neighbors kid keep asking for Candy!
Stop giving in. Sorry to be blunt but it seems to be the easiest answer to me. Or maybe designate Friday (or any day) as treat day and they can have a popsicle in the backyard or something but only on that pre-determind day.

Jaimelynne04 06-17-2008 09:47 PM

Re: Neighbors kid keep asking for Candy!
Personally I'd politely suggest that if she is hungry to run home for a snack and that she's welcome to come back. I've had to do that before. Our house was like the neighborhood hangout and we always had at least 5+ neighborkids over at a time.

There was always one that CONSTANTLY did the same thing. Asked and asked and asked and then sent my kids asking. I didn't mind making them picnics or snacks but this was all the time.

I finally had to start sending her home when she was hungry because no matter how much we fed her she kept asking.

My kids would NEVER do something like that. I'd be mortified if they went somewhere and kept begging. Usually they won't even ask for a glass of water unless we're at families house. Otherwise they whisper it me me, lol.

DivineNature 06-18-2008 11:08 AM

Re: Neighbors kid keep asking for Candy!
Yeah, since you give in from time to time it will keep happening. I like the idea of a set time/day for treats. GL

kezoo 06-18-2008 11:17 AM

Re: Neighbors kid keep asking for Candy!
We've had this same thing happen. They ask, I say no, and then they get my kids to ask. I respond "Well, we don't have any candy in this house [this is true], but you can have some grapes." If they truly are hungry, they take the grapes, if they were just wanting candy, they say no to the grapes. Two of my ds' friends (who are 7 & 5) would come over every day after school, and not 3 minutes after they went into the basement to play, Gavin would come up asking for cheese & crackers (often after I had seen the older boy whispering in his ear). IDK, that really annoyed me after it continued to happen. If Gavin had already had his afternoon snack, I said no. The boys told me the cheese I gave them was "soooo yummy!" - it was just Cracker Barrel Vermont Sharp (I agree yummy), but Gavin told me they had "orange cheese" at the boys' house, so perhaps they weren't used to real cheese?? Anyway, one time the older boy raved so much about it, I showed him the wrapper and told him what it was. The next time he came over he told me that they had the same cheese at his house now. :) So maybe I helped get his house off Kraft singles?? LOL.

Anyway, moral of the story - I've become pretty strict w/ all the kids over her (we have the only swingset on the block) and if I don't like some behaviour, I don't sugar coat my comments. I've sent them home before for unacceptabler behaviour, and if snacks have already been served at my house, then they have to go home to get theirs. End of story. I felt mean at first, but then I realized I was providing snacks for 6 kids almost every day! If it is time for ds & dd's snacks, then I do enough to share, but that's it.

naivete 06-18-2008 11:26 AM

Re: Neighbors kid keep asking for Candy!
Honestly I don't think I'd ever turn a kid away from eating, even if it was often, I'd wonder secretly if they were getting enough from home. I don't think I could ever just not feed a kid, especially if they seem to be hungrier then other kids. Though I agree, I don't give my kids sugar or junk, we don't even keep it in the house, so I'd make all the treats, even the good-behavior treats, healthy ones like fruit, vegetables, or crackers and cheese, etc. If it started happening a lot, I'd go and buy some stuff in bulk and designate that as the treat for whatever kid, so that it doesn't dip into the regular household food.

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