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sarahrichardson 06-20-2008 05:17 PM

Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.
Help me think this through - sorry it's a little long.

I teach. The state requires 60 hours of continuing ed. This year, the asst. super. told us that they are not allowed to count hours you get during a regular school day as part of your 60 hours (they keep track for your prof. record, but you still have to get 60 hours) Fine. And, you either have to get the 3 days (18 hrs) in the summer or come for the 3 flex days. Fine. Also, if you don't get your other hours at the beginning of the school year (there's about a week of staff dev. before school) you have to do the flex days. Fine. I get it that they can't double pay you by you not doing those hours and then hiring a sub for you to go get them during the school year. (BTW my school supports me going to a lot of workshops, even during the year and they pay for it - and most of this is state mandated). We're all okay until I start talking maternity leave. I am getting 54 hours this summer (We get 6 at a staff dev. day in Jan.) since I will be on maternity leave at the beginning of the year. So, I asked, since I am doing that does that week of staff dev. at the beginning count as part of my mat. leave? Yep, they said. So, I am fine with you can't double pay me, but I can double pay you (in time)? I understand that they can't let everyone miss that week, or it defeats that purpose, but if you have a planned leave, and you make up for it, it seems little bit of double standard. Maybe I'm just venting, but what do you think?

pernillep 06-20-2008 07:21 PM

Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.
I can't quite wrap my head around it right now but i don't think it makes any sense and totally sounds fishy to me. Let me look it up tomorrow though.
(being human resources has its perks... i have tons of reference books ;) )

Deanner03 06-20-2008 07:25 PM

Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.
I'd approach that with your supervisor. Often they make these broad rules, but will re-evaluate on a case-by-case basis! Good luck!

PKat 06-20-2008 07:27 PM

Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.
Are you part of your education association? If so I would definately call your rep and talk with them they will be able to help you out a lot! When I left for maternity leave and then later sent in the letter that I was not returning for the 07/08 year my district tried to stop paying on my contract (and cheat me out of more than 3K) because the asst. superintendent felt that since I was not returning I had "quit" -- she failed to understand the fact that I was still a teacher for the 06/07 year and was simply on maternity leave. A few calls to our association rep and one call to our association lawyer and it was taken care of (I got my money because obviously they were in the wrong and had not read our teacher contracts).

Sorry for the long post -- moral of the story call your rep if you are a member (and even if you aren't our association still helped non-members to a point).

Mommimi 06-20-2008 11:27 PM

Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.
Not certain what state you teach in, but in CA it is illegal to do ANY work while on maternity leave. My boss had to tell me to stop replying to work-related email (which I did on my own accord).

debmom2boyz 06-21-2008 08:09 AM

Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.
I tried to follow your post.

You'll be short the 60 hours (btw that's every year you have to get that???)
before maternity leave?

So if you get paid staff training, they won't count that toward your hours? You have to do it on your time?

Where do you teach? :headscratch: :headscratch:
That would suck going to inservices and not being able to use the points.

I would sit and talk with someone.
I went on maternity leave at 26 weeks!!! YIKES!!!! They took away all my privelages. I think I had to do my report cards. I'm almost positive of that.
Not paid of course. I could have said NO, but they were my students and I was returning after the babe was 6 weeks old.

sarahrichardson 06-21-2008 11:12 AM

Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.
Well, I get why they can't pay me, b/c it is part of my contract. In theory if I was there for the week before school starts I would get the hours, and get paid. I'm loosing all my sick days that I've saved (so I can get a paycheck) but that should matter b/c I am giving them my sick days. I already talked to the asst. super.

If I wasn't going on maternity leave, I could choose to get paid (if pre-approved) for the workshop I am going to all next week. But, they can't count those as part of my 60 hours b/c I am getting paid to get 60 hours at another time.

And a pp asked if it is 60 hours every year - YES! BTW nurses only have to get 9! I teach in Arkansas, and it's usu. no prob to get my hours, but this year is weird since LO is coming.

I'm not a member of AEA (ed assoc) b/c I disagree with some of the things they use some of their money for. I guess I'm sort of stuck, but at least it's only a week, not longer!

Mommimi 06-21-2008 03:22 PM

Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.

Originally Posted by sarahrichardson (Post 3931610)
I guess I'm sort of stuck, but at least it's only a week, not longer!

I don't think that's right. Is there another teacher who has been in your situation that you can talk to? Maybe it can't count toward your 60 hrs but you should get pay for it separate from leave pay. Now I remember why I decided not to teach even though I have the credentials.

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