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WhatWasIThinking 06-25-2008 08:36 AM

When do you start 3rd foods?
My sis has her 6 month old LO on 3rd foods already! I was sorta :eek: at the ingrediants list!!!!!!! Plus she eats ALL those baby *cookies and toast* and those cheese curl looking things and some wagon wheel looking things. She only has one lonely tooth just starting to poke out.

I don't know, i just thought WOW, maybe too young? Yes, I kept my big mouth! :goodvibes:

Oh and she eats ALOT of solids and hardly any formula. I thought that babies still had to have 30+ ounces of formula a day??

eilla05 06-25-2008 08:59 AM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
How much formula a baby gets is based on how much they want. When my guy was that age all he has was between 16-18oz a day.

As for the stage 3 foods I think most ppl dont start that until around 9months. My guy was in no way ready for 3rd stage or any of those snack type foods at 6months. Maybe a biter biscuit but nothing else.

the only thing that concerns me is you saying the baby does not get much formula which should be the main source of nutrition for a 6month old.

I would prob casually say something maybe in question form so that the person might think hey i should look that up or something. Say something like how much formula does "doe" get a day? cause i read somewhere that babies that age were taking somewhere between 16-24oz. Something like that. But if you think they are defensive then i would still say something but thats me you might want to reconsider though.

Could be that maybe she is just not aware thta formula shoudl be the main source of nutrition, or that her pedi said it was okay, or she doesnt care and solids fill him up faster and longer, I dont know what the reason is but I am sure there is one.

WhatWasIThinking 06-25-2008 09:03 AM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
I did say something about the formula once. By sis calculations, my neice only had 8 ounces of formula in the one day and I told her very seriously that babies need formula for brain and body growth. I don't know if she thinks of formula as solid foods or what?

eilla05 06-25-2008 09:18 AM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
WOW!! Only 8oz at 6months is pretty bad. I was say something again and ask her to call her pedi. I dont think their a pedi alive who thinks 8oz if an okay amount for a 6month old baby!

That baby cant be getting all the nutrition it needs from solid foods as im sure it doesnt eat enough ..

yeah i would bluntly say something to her as IMO she is putting her child in danger (is that the right word?) by not giving the proper nutrition.

WhatWasIThinking 06-25-2008 09:22 AM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
Sis said she doesn't want formula only solids?? But then i think of babies that have nursing strikes and it's not like you stop, KWIM? the baby still needs! I told her to try a cup to see if the baby isn't wanting a bottle. :headscratch: i don't want to be the naggy older sis but geez!!!!!!

baldy421 06-26-2008 11:27 AM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
Hi, I went to my pedi yesterday for a regular 6 month check up and he told me babies at this age have as little as 8 ounces of formula a day to 32 ounces. I know my DS doesn't take a lot of formula a day so I mix it with other things to get him to take it. He's also on the stage 2s and I have a friend who's son is eating 3 stage 3s a day at 6 months. I think it depends on the child. If her pedi said it was ok, then it should be. Some babies are just big eaters. I think my DS would prefer to eat foods then to be stuck drinking a bottle. Besides, have you smelled or tasted formula? It's gross, then the baby is given something like peaches or carrots, can you blame them for not wanting to go back to formula? Shay

Swimmingly 06-28-2008 02:49 PM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
My DD never once, not one day in her life, ate 30 oz of formula. She just isn't a big eater. At her 6 mo appt her Ped said that she would like to see her get at least 18 oz per day, and if she wasn't that I should call her and talk about it. But then she followed it up with - but if she doesn't WANT that much, there really isn't much you can do...
DD was right around 18-20 oz/day at that point.
At the 9 mo appt they said 16 oz was the min/day. She sometimes only has 15, but usually is around 18/day still.

Maybe she is mixing some of the solids (like cereals) with formula and not counting that part? I hope. I did that. It gave her an extra 2-4 oz/day that way. If they eat a LOT of cereal some people even end up mixing 6-10 oz/day of formula in that way.

LuAnn 07-03-2008 11:39 PM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
My 9m old hasnt done 3rd foods...we do 2nds or even bite size (like the gerber graduates...but I cut our stuff up for him)..hes been on solids since around 5m (hes ready...I cant believe how he chews stuff up, and he would rather have what we have) but I think at 6m its way to young and to much to be doing a stage 3 jar..thats alot IMO even ds usually only does 1 stage 2 size jar(sometimes hell do 2 jars, but not very seldome)...the baby does need more formula or BM

jewelzbird 07-04-2008 10:03 AM

Re: When do you start 3rd foods?
at 6 months solids should supplement their base diet of milk my docs say

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