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thrifty72 06-26-2008 12:48 PM

If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
What was the result and how old is your child(ren)?

Any experiences that relate to this..... I am very interested, please.

We live in a 100 year old farmhouse, so this was a real concern for me when we found and bought the property.

swizzle 06-26-2008 01:01 PM

Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
We had our dd tested at a year for lead because the paint in our kitchen tested positive for lead and we have been remodeling it since the day I went into labor. Yes, bad timing, but she was early and it was suppose to be quick (still not done!)

Anyway, they just drew some blood from her arm. It took a couple of weeks to get the results. Her level was 3, which I guess is just fine. We know a couple who’s child had lead poisoning and she gave him food and supplements that helped clean it out of his system and he is fine.

Ima_to_6 06-26-2008 03:28 PM

Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
Our home is 108 years old, so lead was a concern here too, but lead tests came back as >1.4 for my 2.5 year old girls (if I remember correctly). We do take care to clean the window sills down and keep fresh paint on them, damp mop regularly, and take precautions during renovations.

thrifty72 06-27-2008 03:37 PM

Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
Thanks for the replies! I really appreciate it!

I have been trying to do some reading, but I haven't yet gotten a feel of what an average or norm-type reading is. The previous "acceptable" 25 and below has now been reduced to 10 micrograms per deciliter and below. It isn't clear what, if any, is truly a safe range.

I am going to be sure to be more adamant about cleaning the window sills, mopping, and vacuuming. We don't wear shoes in the house. I'm also going to make sure to always include the recommended foods that help to remove lead from the system: greens, milk (not for DD2 yet), fruit, etc.-- mostly iron and calcium rich foods.

My nimrod ped. dr. never had my DD1 tested when she entered daycare. She will be starting kindergarten in a few months :cry: so she will definitely get tested now. We are also changing our ped-- not just b/c of this but a string of things. It is way overdue for moving on to a different provider!!

I'd like to get tested, too. I'm not sure if it can be passed through breastmilk.

Any other mamas that can also contribute? Please? :goodvibes:


mamaejb 06-27-2008 04:21 PM

Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
We used to live in a 60yr old house that had lead in and around it, plus lead in the water(which we filtered out or drank bottled). I had my DS tested at 15m(since they didn't do it at 1yr) and his level was a 2. I was pg in the house, DS was born there and it wasn't until he was 6m old that we were told there was lead in the water(we already knew about lead in the house). I was told that lead doesn't pass through breastmilk., which I do believe since his level was so low. DD's level was less than 1.5.

Suzanne 06-27-2008 07:17 PM

Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
Ok, digging back into my memory bank- when our kids were tested in our 100+ year old home, both boys were under 5, which our pedi was very hapy with.

geez0pete 06-27-2008 07:38 PM

Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
My four children have been tested and even the two who always put everything in their mouths (including toys that have been identified with high levels of lead) came back with low levels. Our home is forty-some years old but still old enough to have had lead paint and such.

JoannaH 06-27-2008 07:53 PM

Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....
Our house is 170 years old and I've always known that we had plenty of lead paint around. My daughter puts EVERYTHING into her mouth and I haven't really worried myself over it. I'm diligent about vacuuming up any paint chips that I see, but really unless you kids are sitting around eating paint chips or licking the woodwork you probably don't have much to worry about.

Of course it doesn't hurt to get them tested and your Ped should tell you if the level that comes back is of concern or not. Our Ped tests everyone at 1 and 2 years. That might be a state requirement though (NY State) because we also got a letter from the state health department explaining the results of the test.

As for having yourself tested, that doesn't hurt either, but unless you are eating paint chips or you are doing a lot of renovation/sanding without wearing a mask then you are probably okay too.

The reason that doctors recommend you test children is because lead paint chips actually taste sweet so small children may find and eat some then keep going back for more.

Also, lead in the water...that usually comes from having lead supply pipes. When water stands in them for a period of time, like overnight, small amounts of lead can leach out into the water. If this is the case experts usually recommend that you run the tap for 30 seconds or so before using the water so that you flush out all the standing water and get to fresh water. You can also replace your supply pipes. We had one house where we had to run the tap in the kitchen before using it but not in the bathrooms becuase those pipes were newer.

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