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Mama2Noah 06-30-2008 05:49 PM

I fed my 8 month old carrots and apparently he didn't digest them. Is this normal? This is the second time and same reaction:headscratch:

curlytop 07-01-2008 11:12 AM

Re: Carrots
Can't answer your ? but about to introduce my 8 month old to carrots. How did you prepare them. Store-bought or homemade puree or blw chuncks cooked or raw?

Mama2Noah 07-01-2008 01:09 PM

Re: Carrots
I made a homemade puree, but not too thin. (I streamed the carrots first). My ds does really well with thicker/chunkier food, hth.

LunaBirch 07-01-2008 02:35 PM

Re: Carrots
Some foods come out looking a lot like they went in.. IIRC, carrots are one tat will likely result in nice orangey poo.. mandarin oranges, blueberries, and corn are a couple others that come to mind. Dont worry Mama :goodvibes:

eragsdale 07-01-2008 02:39 PM

Re: Carrots
carrots are high in nitrates so be careful when introducing them for the first time. Steam them and then mash.

They act as a laxitive to my ds so no they don't digest goes in as little cubes comes out the same way AND he gets watery stools; so we stay clear of them; unless he is having bowl issues.:blush:

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