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clothmamaof4 07-14-2008 01:59 PM

Diaper Stink/Diaper Stripping Remedies
We are making a sticky here for quick reference to diaper stink issues and to compile them all into one place so Post your Diaper stink remedies here:

Here's mine:

On occasion diapers will build up ammonia or detergent and these will cause the diapers to have reduced absorbency and smell bad when baby wets in them. You can use the following methods to strip them to remove that build up. I use it often (every 4-6 weeks) to keep my diapers fresh and it works great!
Here's what I do for smelly dipes.

I tried this to remove the stink and it worked:
Supplies needed:
Stock pot
Baking soda
Dawn Dish detergent
Lemon Juice
Laundry Detergent (I like Purex's new Natural detergent)

1~Boil 1-2 large stock pots of water (1 for a small load 2 for a medium load), when boiling remove from heat, add 1/2 cup baking soda and 2 drops of Dawn, wisk around til mixed. HINT: Add soda slowly stirring as you do, the hot water mixes with the soda and bubbles up. (you can add the soda into the water afer putting the water into the washer and aggitate for a moment to mix it)
2~Pour the boiling mixture into your empty washer and Immerse diapers in the mix (for front loaders do this step in a bucket) If the boiling water is not enough to cover the diapers then add enough hot water from the tap to cover diapers
3~Let soak for 30 minutes (you can turn the washer onto aggitate here if you like to get the diapers completely submerged then turn off and let it sit)
4~Drain washer on the spin cycle (for FL's just drain the bucket and continue) and squirt each diapers soaker area with lemon juice
5~Start washer on regular hot water wash cycle at medium to high level depending on how many diapers you are stripping and add 1.5-3 tsp detergent depending on load size
6~rewash one more hot water cycle and then rinse on cold 2 times, dry and you are good to go!

You can also just do the squirt of lemon juice every week or two after stripping to keep them fresh and usually go longer between actually all out stripping. Just squirt some lemon juice on the insert or soaker area (if an AIO or fitted) after the first rinse and rinse 1-2 more times.

GodStillTalks 07-14-2008 05:37 PM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
For me, 2 tablespoons of regular bleach in the wash takes care of everything as far as stinkies go. I've never had to strip my diapers due to repelling issues or anything, but I have very hard water so the stinkies come regardless of fabric or detergent. When I can tell the stinkies are coming (the overnight diapers always give it away with the strong ammonia smell) I go ahead and add 2 TBL of bleach and follow the rest of my routine.

ETA my full routine:
1) Firstly, I wash a medium sized load of diapers using the highest water level. Over crowding the washer or even just filling it gives us bad stinkies every time.
2) cold rinse
3) Warm "heavy duty" wash (longest wash setting), using the "medium" line on my detergent cap. I am currently using Arm and Hammer Essentials for Sensitive Skin with good results. This is also where I would add 2 tablespoons of regular bleach, if needed.
4) If no bleach: I run an extra cold rinse.
If using bleach: I run a complete warm short wash to make sure I rinse it all out, and because I notice I tend to get extra bubbles with the bleach. I think it strips them a bit.
5) Toss in the dryer on the delicate cycle for 60 minutes. Anything that is still damp gets hung to finish drying. I often take my pockets out half way through to keep them from overdrying.

covavanessa 07-14-2008 09:15 PM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
My diapers(BGOS) were great for a while, but then that hot urine smell out of the drier came to visit.:yuck: We switched over to Tide and I adjusted my routine a bit this is what we do.

*note I spray off almost everything into the toilet before I put it into our pail.
1. a cold, rinse drain spin.
2. wash hot on normal with tide almost to the 1 line, plus one squirt of dawn.
3. wash one more full cycle with an extra rinse no soap.
4. rinse drain spin.
5. I dry in the dryer for 50 min on medium.

I am not kidding the first time I did this I had no more stinky diapers, not even that smell that came when he pees. :lostit:

melissaNH 07-15-2008 11:46 AM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
The only thing that worked for me was adding 1/4 cup bleach to my wash cycle then rinsing until the bleach smell was gone.
Since I wasn't a fan of bleaching all the time - I stopped using my microfiber inserts and I stuff my pockets with infant prefolds instead, and I haven't had any further stink issues.

avidreader 07-15-2008 11:58 AM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
I did a few different things to get rid of the ammonia stink we had a month or so ago. I soaked all the inserts and diapers overnight in the washer filled with hot water and a cup or so of Bac-out stain remover. Then washed on super hot (turned up my water heater the night before for this load) with a capful of calgon and a capful (well to the 2 line) of reg Tide. Then rinsed a couple of extra times. Then bleached the inserts with just hot water and a couple of tablespoons of bleach and rinsed really well! This did the trick!

ETA: I have a top-loader, very hard water and use a combo of prefolds, pockets, microfiber and hemp inserts

my3sweetpeas 07-15-2008 12:17 PM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
For stinkies, I use vinigar in the rinse cycle (in a downy ball works great.)

I have also used lemon juice, bac out and stripping by simply lots of cycles without any detergent.

Flufflove 07-15-2008 02:53 PM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
Try washing fewer diapers in a load.

singbanshee 07-17-2008 09:31 AM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
capful of bleach, hot water, extra rinse and then hot dryer :thumbsup: and use a 1/4 of what's recommended for your detergent...most people use waaaay too much detergent :thumbsup:

frogandtoad 07-18-2008 01:42 PM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
For hard water -- Calgon or Dr Bronners (or similar). When I first started I would get wet dog STANK :yuck: after a few loads. Now that I've added in Dr. Bronners - no stank!! :)

dds07 07-20-2008 01:10 PM

Re: Diaper Stink Remedies
for stinky diapers that retain the stink even after several washes we sunned, then stripped with dawn, then boiled water and added oxiclean, soaked overnight, then wash with tide with dawn and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. it took all of that to beat them, but we are still stink free:)

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