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arly1983 07-14-2008 02:19 PM

Any Le Leche or other breastfeeding experts? LONG
Because I have a breastfeeding question!

I have fibrocystic breast condition. I developed it unusally early and was diagnosised at 17 after having several asperations and breast lumps removed. I am extremely lumpy and these lumps change shape daily with every hormone shift my body goes through. I am even more lumpy now than I was before I was pregnant with Jackson. They all benign and perfectly harmless if annoying as heck sometimes. Since developing it so early was atypical, I get a memmogram each year (always interesting since my breasts are like sacks of marbles) I also have an unual amount of scar tissue from when I had lumps removed as their were several they wanted to take out so they did one incision at each nipple and then removed the lumps from all over the breast so now I have small masses of scar tissue located in several places in each breast.

Now here is my breastfeeding question: My new OB and I were going over my medical history and I mentioned that I am extremely prone to mastitis and had a close brush with staph infection. SHe looked out me like I had grown two heads and said: Well, that only makes sense since you are fibrocystic. I explained nobody had ever told me. Not the specialist and not the anyone in the group of OBs I had been seeing since I started having problems. She took a diagram of a breast and was pointing out and explaining how with this many lumps and how it would make chances of blocked ducts so much more likely esp with the lumps changing size so much. I had on average 1.5 cases of mastitis for every month I breastfed and usually they would put me in the bed for at least 3-4 days.

So here is my question: Have you ever hear of FBC being bad enough to affect breastfeeding? Does it seem plausable because I have never read or heard about it before?

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