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upstategirl 10-11-2006 10:23 AM

I have been taking my temp for a week now. I usally temp around 7 but, if I get up to go the bathroom I'll temp before that. At 5 this morning I had to go the bathroom so I took my temp. It was 97.8. It has been 97.6 untill Monday since I think I O on sunday. I don't use a basal one because I think the only difference is that it beeps when it's done. So, anyways I went back to bed after going to the bathroom and didn't wake up till 7 when I took my temp again to see what it was. It was 98.4 which seems right because Monday and Tuesday it was 98.0. I'm wondering which temp I should put down. :)

Proverbs169 10-11-2006 11:14 AM

Re: Temp
If I was temping I would put down the first temp and between the pervious and the next one draw in a dashed line instead of solid so that you know not to pay too much attention to that temp. The second one wouldn't be very accurate b/c you should get at least 3 hours of consecutive sleep before temping. If you temp early you can add I think 1/10 of a degree for each half- hour and be pretty close to the right temp. Tomorrow will tell I suppose.

Also- I temped for a while and always had a fall- back rise, where my temps fell below coverline after O every month.

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