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dluciew 10-12-2006 07:41 AM

How long until domperidone kicks in?
This is my 4th day on domperidone. The first day I took 2 pills 3x a day. Then I switched to 3 pills 3x a day. It doesn't seem like there is any change. How long did it take you to see results? Should I up the dosage?


KnottyLDSMama 10-12-2006 09:38 AM

Re: How long until domperidone kicks in?
I think I was taking 3 or 4 pills 3 times a day. I think they say it should take 24-48 hours. It never worked for me, though.

babykjhall 10-12-2006 10:55 AM

Re: How long until domperidone kicks in?
I found this on the breast after breast reduction website.

Most mothers report an increase in their milk supplies within three to four days after beginning domperidone, although the response may occur sooner. The increase, however, builds over the first few weeks and does not reach the maximum effect until around the third week. The galactogenic effect will subside when the drug is discontinued.


20 mg, 4 times per day or 30 mg, 3 times per day during daytime, preferrably an hour and a half after meals.

lilmama2dsndd 10-12-2006 11:00 AM

Re: How long until domperidone kicks in?
It can take a while, i didn't notice a substantial sudden increase when I started taking mine, but after being on it for several weeks I can definately say it is working. I kept forgetting to take my midday dose so I started doing 5 tabs 2x day and it has been a much easier schedule for me and I saw more results when I upped by 1 pill/day. Play around with the dosage a little bit and give it some time, I can't remember where but I saw somewhere that some people it can take up to 6 weeks to fully work. But also make sure you are accompaning it with more frequent nursing and pumping, it won't work with an increase in demand too. :thumbsup: goodluck mama!

Lunaria 10-12-2006 11:03 AM

Re: How long until domperidone kicks in?
good info! I was just about to post this question myself. I just started taking my domperidone 2 days ago and haven't really noticed much change yet either. I really need to learn to develop more patience :)

babykjhall 10-12-2006 03:04 PM

Re: How long until domperidone kicks in?
I was on it back when my now five year old was born. I had a breast reduction when I was young. Five years ago the only place to get it was from New Zealand.

Where do any of you get yours?

We are expecting #3 this April. I need to start stocking up now.

Lunaria 10-12-2006 05:26 PM

Re: How long until domperidone kicks in?
I got mine from There's actually a pharmacy local to me that will compound it with a prescription, but it's not covered by my insurance and they charge about 5x more then the globaldrug website does.

Mommy2JJ 10-12-2006 10:13 PM

Re: How long until domperidone kicks in?
It took about a good 4 or 5 days for me. I know by the time you get it you already have NO patience left to spare. So don't give up hope!! You may have to play around with the dosage a little bit too. I *think* taking it about a half hour before feeding time is best too. Keep us updated....this stuff totally saved our nursing relationship. My ds is now 15 months and we are still nursing strong and haven't had domperidone since he was about 11 or 12 months.

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