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gr33nie 05-11-2006 08:06 AM

better fitting cover?
Well I recently branched out from my all pocket stash and bough a pin and snappi to go with my pre-folds and I decided to get a Bummis super snap and the other Bummis with the velcro. I like the fit of them and they worked but I felt like they were stiff on DS's belly. Kind of like wearing tight jeans. Our pockets are nice and flexible in the belly area which I like. I also felt that when I took the diaper off DS's skin was a bit more red than it is when I use the fbs. (not sure if this is because my pockets are more breathable or they have the microfleece inner)


What are some covers that are not so stiff in the belly area?

OK I know many of you will reccomend wool but I am a bit scared so could you be specific if that is your reccomendation?


Carrie 05-11-2006 08:33 AM

Re: better fitting cover?
I know what you mean about the bummis. I actually sort of like that "stiff" feeling and it doesn't seem to bother the boys. I have tried several PUL covers and actually the bummis are the gentlest I've tried. I've never used them, but a lot of people like Stacinator wool and fleece covers. They are side snap.

DiaperJunction 05-11-2006 09:29 AM

Re: better fitting cover?
ProRaps might be a good choice for you.

Righteous Recycles 05-11-2006 10:19 AM

Re: better fitting cover?
I have used a bumpy soft cover. The feel of it is the best. You have to sew down the velcro, though, or else it will flip up. You can do that with a needle and thread.

Choose2bgr8 05-11-2006 10:40 AM

Re: better fitting cover?
Angel Dry Diapers! I LOVE them A LOT!

Choose2bgr8 05-11-2006 10:41 AM

Re: better fitting cover?
Oh yeah. We use recyled wool too.

Carrie 05-11-2006 10:49 AM

Re: better fitting cover?
Hmm, proraps and bumpy soft covers are some of the ones I thought were more irritating than bummis.

jodi5 05-11-2006 12:17 PM

Re: better fitting cover?
You could try Wiggle Worm Bottom covers, they work well with prefolds, although probably best with trifold and they hold them beautifully. Tootle shells hold prefolds well too, but I think she is holding off orders for a couple of weeks.

jodi5 05-11-2006 12:19 PM

Re: better fitting cover?
Oh, you would probably like the fit of polar bummis. The only thing is I find I get compression leaks with this one. But it is nice and soft and fits beautifully. I wouldn't wear them out.

Bridget Riedell 05-11-2006 12:36 PM

Re: better fitting cover?
I love the Stacinator day/night stretch wool covers and the Stacinator deluxe fleece covers over my pfd's! They are so soft on dd's tummy! and they work great!


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