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TaivensMama 05-11-2006 05:51 PM

OMG homework driving me nuts!...
OK We just moved so that means a new school for my son...well at his old school he had minimal homeowrk and it was easy as a breeze for him...his new school has a double sided worksheets first day he had 7 worksheets! and has to do reading...well his school gets out at 3:45 we don't get home till oh 5:20 or so and he goes to bed at on earth is all this to be done plus eat, bath, brush teeth and have time to be a kid???...Now this is what really annoys me...Taiven keeps leaving his room homework in hand acting like he can't do he can't read it on his own, can't do the problems even though the work was harder at his old school he is just probably overwhelmed by the amount...I am at my whitts end with him coming out every two seconds saying I can't do this one or I need help with this when he KNOWS how to do it he just wants me to do it for him which I would never do but of course he will try try again to get me to and I hate to be a meany about it But come on...the kid has been reading since he was 3 so when he says he can't read a problem its not the problem, I feel for him because he has a ton of work, but I also know he needs to get it done and banninghim to his room until he is done is how I am getting him to stop annoying me with how to do every single problem, I have him wait to th very end and ask me all at once if there is a problem he couldn't do but then of course he has them all done...BUT It takes him coming out three or four times everyday this week before I get so mad I say stay in there I am not doing it for you! Am I talking to the wall??????????? sorry just needed to vent

Carrie 05-11-2006 07:13 PM

Re: OMG homework driving me nuts!...
That's a lot of HW for a kid. My kids also go to bed very early and I plan to continue it into school age so I can't imagine them having all that work to do. Can he do his HW at the kitchen table? Maybe he is lonely rather than needing help? Or would that be too distracting?

TaivensMama 05-11-2006 07:46 PM

Re: OMG homework driving me nuts!...
Yah he is only in first grade for heavens sake! and I would preffer for him to do thing sin his room on his desk as he needs to learn to be quiet and work independantly..he is already getting talked to by the teacher about how much humming and chattering he does while he is working...see he has sensory intergration dysfunction so if there is no background noise well then he makes it himself...If i allow him to be at the kitchen table that sets him up to talk to me the whole his room he hums less because I have an air purifier and a quiet cd on at all times...I am gonna have to think of something for the classroom that is not distracting to the other kids but gives him the noise he needs to focus...the new teacher has never dealt with SID kids so she doesn't get it at all and the school we came from was very light on rules and they could humm or chatter as long as the work was being done, it was always noisy in there and that helped him. He said he has to be quiet the whole school this in itself os going to be huge task for him...Well Off to do our reading before bed... Thanks for your reply and suggestions :)

bobandjess99 05-13-2006 01:28 PM

Re: OMG homework driving me nuts!...
is this a public school?
do you have an IEP in place?
the teacher needs to be educated on SID right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
She has to undersatand that his "behavior" is not "misbehavior" but necesary for him to function.
You need to make sure he is going to get what he needs. It sounds like your new school is not a good fit..are there any other options for school?

Another option(if it's public school):
I know this souinds extreme, but I have heard of parents doing this.,..honestly! Inform the school your child will not be doing homework. Tell them they have 7 (or 8) hours in which to educate your child and that at 7 year old, that is enough, and you will not permit your child to do any homework.
Or, less extreme, express concern at the amount of homework, and tell them you will only allow so much (i.e. one worksheet plus reading, etc)

TaivensMama 05-13-2006 05:33 PM

Re: OMG homework driving me nuts!...
We were in a SMALL charter school only 80 kids from K-8th and it was multi-age, very earhty and open to the kids being who they are and I mean they had structure and rules but they were not so regimended on sitting quiet forever and doing worksheets they learned a lot through song and play and hands on..they had yoga and music and movement and aikido and learned 100 songs and 100 poems by the years end they also learned all cultures and I was sooooooooo in love with his school and teacher and kids and parents, they were like a family to us. The best part is they had the highest test scores too they scored 10 out of 10 on star testing so if anyone wanted to argue that our kids were not learning through play and song they were dead wrong! It was the hardest part about the move for me.

The new school is a Magnet SD the schools offered are not the greatest many are HUGE and this is an alternative learning school I have to admit the children are all very polite and happy and his teacher is very too is small, less than 300 and its k-12th grade. The K and first are seperate from the older kids. His class only has 14 students where as his old one had 20. This school is more the public style than our charter school. I thought being that it was also earthy and alternative I would be in a school similar to the one we left, but I know the one we left is a one of a kind and I would never find one similar. Even the private and charter schools in SD do not offer anything close to our previous school and this is as close as I could get....
I did ask her about homework and she has reduced it to 2-4 work sheets a night which is manageable and he is learning to deal with it. The weekend is a nice break and thank heavens she does not send home work for the weekend I know many kids who have weekend work, that I WOULD refuse to do!...
As for the SID, at our previous school it was NEVER an issue EVER...she accomodated him for rug time letting him sit on the outer rug so no one would "touch" him she would let the aides know not to touch him and if he blew up at them for touching him it was something he was talked to about but it was understood it feels like pins or that he is being punched. He was seperated from children that would make his situation worse and the whole issue of noise was never a problem I can't remember a time they were required to stay completely quiet except when the teacher was reading aloud and he was fine staying quiet because seh was his background noise. SO his doctor said until it is an issue at school I want to leave it off his record...also with us moving he thought any OT would be pointless as we would start over when we move...I am now in the process of getting a new doc here in SD and the good thing about SD is there are facilities for SID children! I do A TON of home OT as I am a behavoiral consultant and I know what he needs work on and he has come a LONG way. I know now that in the public school system he will need OT for sure which is not the worst thing...

Thanks so much for your response Sorry for the LONG response hehe

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