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luckyduckies 10-19-2006 01:54 PM

ovulation strips
where do you get yours?what are the best ones to use?

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 10-20-2006 12:02 PM

Re: ovulation strips
i am not sure, i havent tried them out..??

urchin_grey 10-20-2006 12:11 PM

Re: ovulation strips
I've never used the ovulation strips but I've used the PG tests from is a lot cheaper though!

weddell 10-20-2006 12:29 PM

Re: ovulation strips
I got mine at and The aimstick pg tests are really good and detect pregnancy super early.

mom2t 10-24-2006 04:38 PM

Re: ovulation strips
Consumer reports recognized only 2 as working a high percentage of the time. One was Clear Blue and the other was Ovucheck. I do not know if they tested the ones offered on the internet, I think it was only the ones at the store.

Sweetforestcat 10-27-2006 05:49 PM

Re: ovulation strips
I never ever thought I would do this but I actually got mine from the Dollar Tree. (before I bough those expensive $25 for one test deals!!!!!) I just used them this past week and they do work since I got a positive in-between 2 negatives. I had the clerk actaully tell me that a local Dr.'s office actually comes in once a month and buys all the HPT and OPK tests to use on their patients because the tests are very sensitive and detect smaller amounts than most expensive tests. That sure made me feel better.

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