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YumaDoula 10-19-2006 09:23 PM

Help with dd (18mos).
Dd has been sleeping through the night since about 9mos. She is in a crib, goes down with a blanky, fusses for like 2 secs, and goes to bed.

Well, on Friday she screamed and screamed, and I ended up holding her on and off until about 10PM. She normally goes to bed around 7-8PM. I tried everything, but she would not stop shrieking unless I held her. Eventually I just let her cio at around 10PM.

Same thing happened yesterday, she was fussy like crazy, and didn't stop screaming until about 9pm. When I'd go in and hold her she'd be quiet, and when I left she'd shriek and scream.

Now it's happening AGAIN tonight.

I do NOT want to get into a terrible pattern with this -- I don't want to hold her all night, or co-sleep. It's just not my thing.

Nothing seems to be wrong, no new teeth, she's not hungry or thirsty, no new routine or anything like that. I feel that every time I go in and pick her up, she screams for another 30 min. But I don't want to let her scream if something is WRONG, ya know? Help.

urchin_grey 10-20-2006 12:47 AM

Re: Help with dd (18mos).
I'm right there with you... DS usually just rolls right over and goes to sleep so when he has that rare night where he can't get to sleep sometimes its hard to figure out to do! I think its just that sometimes even babies that usually sleep well have trouble winding down. We co-sleep part time but when he's having trouble, falling asleep in our bed will take FOREVER because he'd rather play. Sooo, we just kind of try to "start over" altogether with getting him to sleep because the more he cries the more wound up he gets. I might take him to a room in the house that's just kind of boring (with no toys) and let him crawl around for a little while. Read him a book, that kind of thing. Oh, and he LOVES lavender lotion massages so that might work for you. I usually do that after he's in the crib and it really calms him down. I'm sure there are a ton more things you could think of to "wind her down".

Oh and one other thing, do you think she could be teething? I guess it could be pain instead of just problems falling asleep.

Anyway, good luck mama, I hope your little one starts falling asleep better! :goodvibes:

tillers72 10-20-2006 01:34 AM

Re: Help with dd (18mos).
Maybe she needs a little extra tlc from you during the day??? sometimes they just need some extra comfort...or she is testing you to see how far you will go...:giggle:

mistylaureena 10-20-2006 01:39 AM

Re: Help with dd (18mos).
my ds is doing the same thing!! But my gut tells me that his stomach maybe has a little bug that is giving him a tummy ache and not nessecarily giving him a fever or any other signs of sickness ----but my TlC makes him feel alittle better. I will give it to him for a little bit, rock him for a while but then I do let him CIO.

He's finally going back to letting me put him to bed and then fall asleep. It lasted for like a week and a half ...maybe even 2.....but who knows why?

Maybe she doesnt feel good maybe somehting hurts but she cant tell you? ANd it totally could be some type of night terror that has spooked her?? She'll move through it just give her a lot of TLC so she knows you're there for her.

YumaDoula 10-20-2006 11:17 AM

Re: Help with dd (18mos).
Well I ended up patting her back for a while (with her in the crib) and then leaving the door open until I left.

She seems to be in a stranger-anxiety phase, so I'm trying to give her lots of tlc during the day.

Also, she IS getting teeth. So a bad combo!

Thanks moms. :goodvibes:

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