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yellowcampcat 05-12-2006 08:23 AM

csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
I had to have a cs w/dd bc she was breech. I am 24wks with #2. Dr. says he will allow me to have a "trial of labor", but I'm not allowed pitocin, I have to be monitored constantly, and I can't go past my due date, or he'll do a repeat. I also have to sign a very scary paper saying that I know that I might be risking our lives, etc. Any thoughts?? My recovery from cs was fine, I just would like the chance to have a vaginal delivery and am afraid they'll tell me I can't have 3 or 4 sections.

bethanyjoy 05-12-2006 08:28 AM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
There's a book called "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Heidi Greer. I'd suggest reading that, has lots of helpful info. GL!!

toryandrew 05-12-2006 08:59 AM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
I did the same thing you did, scheduled my c-section and hoped I do a VBAC before. I figured there was no hope because I went 10 days late with DS1. Also, there was a study that came out that said that people who had a c-section before due to baby size only had a 17% chance of a successful VBAC.

8 days before my due date I went into labor. I was so surprised because I thought there was no way I'd go on my own. I was so surprised that I stayed home thinking it wasn't really labor. When I got to the hospital I was 9cm!

I did a VBAC and DS2 was only 3 ounces smaller than DS1! You should read up on VBACs, the danger is not very much more than a repeat c-section. With a repeat c-section you have a risk of death too. Giving birth while natural and wonderful has inherent dangers whether you go naturally, are induced, have vbac, get a c-section or whatever. You can find horrible statistics for all ways of delivering your child.

Don't let the doctor scare you off, the dangers are pretty rare and if you are monitored there should be no issues.

teachermama 05-12-2006 11:17 PM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
I had almost an identical situation to yours with a breech baby (found out she had turned on my due date!) and my Dr. (who is quite possibly the most laidback and fantastic OB in the state) had told me that she was concerned that my pubic bone was distorted so that the baby would be unable to come underneath it anyway. As it turned out I did have a scheduled C-section with my first and it was fantastic!! (Nothing compared to the horror birth stories I have heard from many friends). Still with Number 2 I really felt that I wanted to give VBAC a try. I talked to my Dr. about it and she told me that the risks were higher that she would be unable to save me or the baby if I went with the VBAC. THe C-section was actually safer for me. Because of my weird pelvis history and not knowing how long I would labor for (technically even though this was Baby #2 I would be considered a first timer with the labor and delivery thing and could have a much longer labor with more chance of uterine rupture.....the really serious issue). So I did proceed with a second C-section (only after telling my Dr. my desire for a large, maybe 5+ kid family). She was not only reassuring, but told me that she will never tell me how many kids I should have because she believes that it is not up to her. She will let me know of the risks each time and she said she has performed many repeat C-sections on women with a desire for lots of children. She said my greatest risks are injury to my bladder which is fairly easy to repair and greater chance for more blood loss due to scar tissue (which is not a huge issue for most women due to the 40% increased blood volume with pregnancy). Anyways I am now PG with number 3 and planning a third c-section. I have lots of friends who have had 3+ sections and some are even my mom's age (50+) and had no complications whatsoever. I wish you lots of luck with your decision and hope that you will come to peace with a second C-section if it's what you choose. I am happy to have my children here safely and have the prospect for more in the future and honestly my recoveries have been so good I feel like I'm in better shape than most of my friends after the birth!! Also I did have two friends go VBAC. The one whom I trust the most told me that after the horrendous ordeal she went through she will defintely opt for a C-section next time. Good luck!!

punkmama3 05-13-2006 10:03 PM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
I had a c/s with my 3rd. My OB said I recovered beautifully for a woman discharged 27 hrs after having it done, hahahaha.
So far my OB has been wonderful. He supports my VBAC decision (I'm planning for a unassisted birth), and I didn't schedule a csection date. When he asked me about going over, I just said it didn't concern me, and he said ok.
Just be happy your doctor said no pitocin, it could cause alot of problems (my doctor won't let me go near it at all, which is fine by me! I don't ever want to be induced again!). You don't want to be induced if you've had a c/s. The chances of you having an emergency section is alot higher with induction.
The only reason they say they're going to monitor you all the time is to check for the baby's heartrate, which doesn't usually mean anything. It's also to check for a rupture, but that doesn't occur very often (I think it's about 1.2% of the time of something). And monitoring doesn't usually pick up on it.

I second Henci Goer's book. It's excellent. Also, trust yourself and what YOU want.

Good luck, mama. And remember to *breathe*.


Bridym 05-14-2006 01:39 PM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
I am going for a VBAC with our second as well. My OB has not set any dates for me as to when this baby has to be born so I personaly think it is unfair for your OB to tell you you have to have your baby by your EDD, all babies do come when they are ready (usualy). Maybe ask your OB to give you 5-7 days over your EDD to see how things go and if by the 7th day you still have not had the baby you will elect to have a c-section. This is my plan.
I have chosen not to allow any interventions this time around i.e. pitocin since it did not work with my ds so if I got 7 days past my edd I will just have a c-section.

heather_c 05-14-2006 01:54 PM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
Congrats on baby #2. I, too, had a c/s with my DS, and am planning on a VBAC with future number 2. I had done a lot of reading and research and know that a VBAC will be better for me and my future children. The current medical climate is pretty negative about VBACs for malpractice insurance reasons. It is a better defense for doctors to say that they "did everything" as opposed to letting nature take its course.

The "rules" your doctor told you are pretty common for VBACs. I agree with the no pitocin, as it increases the risk for uterine rupture. I strongly diasgree with the repeat section scheduled at your due date. I would ask why he has that rule and to show you what research he has used to made that request. There are no studies that show any increased risk for VBAC patients going over their due date. By arbitarily setting a date that you must go into labor by, he is not being supportive of your desire to VBAC. In regards to monitoring, you can ask to have a telemetry monitor, which is wireless, if you desire. BTW - You are in charge of your body, and can refuse any of his "rules" if you want. :) They cannot tie you down and section you if you do not consent.

I wish you the best! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want additional support.

squirtymomma 05-15-2006 09:37 AM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
I had a c-section with number 1 and I'm definitely planning a vbac for number 2. The risks are different, but really the risks of a vbac are no higher than a repeat c-section. You have VERY high chances of having a successful vbac, IF your doctor and the hospital will cooperate. Here's a summary of the studies done comparing vbac and repeat cesearean:

It's important to remember that uterine rupture can happen in a repeat cesearean as well as a trial of labor. The chances are slightly higher for a trial of labor, but it does NOT mean that the baby and mother will die! That is a risk, but it is rare. It is also important to remember that a repeat cesearean has other risks like the need for a hysterectomy, and the impact of surgery on infant bonding and breastfeeding.

I was lucky to have a relatively easy recovery and breastfeeding came very naturally after my c-section. But, recovery from major surgery is going to be much harder than recovery from a normal vaginal birth, regardless.

Do your research, mama, and do what is best for you and your child!

For The Love Of Cloth 05-15-2006 10:15 AM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
I had emerg. c/s with ds#1 after being induced 11 days overdue.
With ds#2 I was again 11 days overdue, trying for a vbac. My dr said he'd give me about 6 hours to try with a pitocin drip, then off to a c/s. Well, it worked! He wasn't concerned specifically with pitocin, but with the one like a tampon. That's what got me in trouble the first time.

The vbac was ****way***** easier to recover from. Labor was harder than I thought it'd be but when it was over, smooth sailing. Why doesn't anybody tell you pushing feels like having to poop a watermelon? Any ways, either way you choose, be at peace. A healthy mom and baby are the important things.


Mamabexter 05-15-2006 11:16 AM

Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??
With my DS I went into labor on my own and planned a natural birth. Of course, my doc was not on call and I got someone who was a pompous a**. I feel he exploited my being in a vulnerable state and pusched my into a section. I changed OB groups (after finding that the local midwives couldn't do a homebirth with a first time VBACer though subsequent would be fine) and am much better armed with information and the guts to speak my mind. Don't be scared by your doc's comments. Be thankful you can't have the pitocin, that stuff is for the birds and I would have refused it the first time if I had realized I could. Read up all you can on VBAC and do your best to maintain open communication with your OB, not with a chip on your shoulder but more in a partnership kind of a way. Bring along copies of the studies that have been mentioned here by others to talk over with him. As for the scary paper, you may not have noticed but the consent you signed to have the section the first time most likely also contained some scary language in it as major abdominal surgery is no small matter. If you don't feel comfortable speaking your mind, you might look for other docs before you get too far along, someone you do feel you can talk to. I'm am glad for you your recovery the first time went well as mine did not at all. If you do end up with another section, know that you did your best to deliver a healthy and wonderful baby into the world. Best of luck to you!

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