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*Alabamamom* 10-02-2008 10:13 AM

Ready to Wean Support
I have occasionally seen threads with those asking for tips on how to wean their lo's.. Whether it is just medical issues, or maybe mom is pg again and sore, maybe lo is a toddler and you are just ready, or whatever the reasoning is, it's a personal decision.
For me... my ds is 2 years 6 months exactly and I do feel like I am just ready. I do have some medical issues (that I have been sorta avoiding) but I have graves disease and have been on meds for that, but my dr would like to either radiate or surgically remove it. However, my meds are doing a fairly decent job at keeping things ok right now. But when I go in a more hyper state, it is terrible because I my heart beats so crazy.. the palpitations scare me. I know I should have the other testing done that I can't while bfing (like the iodine uptake test)..
So my LC called me out of the blue yesterday because she periodically calls to check on how things are going and I voiced to her that I feel like I want to wean. Not only because I know I should have more testing done on my thyroid, but, even though he nurses at night only, lately he had been waking 2-3 times to latch on and he wants to just sleep for a long time while nursing and I for whatever reason cannot sleep during this. I have to get him off there, before I can sleep.
So she told me what another mother told her she did to wean her lo that was nearly 3 yrs. She said she told the child she has ouchies on her breasts and had the child help her put a bandaid over each nipple. After a few days, the child stopped asking to nurse and that was that.
So, after I hung up with her I thought WHY NOT. So I told Andrew 'Ninny' has ouchies and pulled out two big square bandaids and had him help me cover each one. He smiled and thought it was a little silly I think :giggle: .. then but he patted me and gave me a kiss on my cheek like he was consoling me for my ouchies. It was sweet.
He did climb up in my lap lateevening and was looking down my shirt, I guess to see if they were still there.. and seemed a little disturbed that they were still there.
Last night he fell asleep in his carseat from when we went somewhere, so we put him into bed from there. He woke about 3:15am and trying to nurse, to no avail since they still have the bandaids. He was NOT happy about this.. I got up with him to get something to drink in the kitchen. He seemed ok and we laid back down, but he again tried to nursed an was pulling at the bandaids trying to tear them off. I got up and rocked him in the rocker and was almost to my breaking point to give in.
He calmed down and we got back in bed and I turned on cartoons for him.. he watched them about 30 minutes and he finally was back to sleep about 5am. We woke back up at nearly 9am and I just immediately got up with him to get his mind off of it and he is just his bubbly self now.
So, we have survived through day one!!!! It truly is bittersweet!!!!! I love him so much and hated seeing him so upset.. I know I am going to miss our bfing relationship terribly. But I know that I need to take care of me too and I have done a great job at nursing him the 2 1/2 years I have!
So I just wanted to post what seems to be working so far to wean my guy.. maybe it could be of some help to others of you in my shoes.. Please post your tips for others too or just post how things are going. I will post tomorrow about how tonight goes.

*Alabamamom* 10-02-2008 10:25 AM

Re: Ready to Wean Support
BTW I have PMd administration asking if maybe we can have a subforum in here for weaning support. I wasn't sure where to post this since this is actually for continuing breastfeeding support, yet no where else seems suitable either.

*Alabamamom* 10-09-2008 09:55 PM

Re: Ready to Wean Support
Would one of the mods be so kind to move this to the weaning forum pretty please? :goodvibes: :yay:

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