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clothdiapermom 10-28-2006 01:06 PM

Someone with a Yes! Nursing Bra please stop in! UPDATE in post #7
I just got 4 Yes! nursing bras from the lady that sells them on ebay. I think the clasps were put on wrong so I was wondering if one of you kind ladies would post a picture of the clasp part of your bra for me so I could see. It looks like the put the parts on the wrong sides. I will edit with a picture of one of my bras in a few minutes so you can tell me what you think, but if you have a pic of one I would appreciate it.

rebeccah5 10-28-2006 04:31 PM

Re: Someone with a Yes! Nursing Bra please stop in!
PM'd you!

KnottyLDSMama 10-28-2006 04:34 PM

Re: Someone with a Yes! Nursing Bra please stop in!
Hmmm. Yeah, it looks backwards to me, unless they just make them backwards? *shrugs*

peetred 10-28-2006 06:51 PM

Re: Someone with a Yes! Nursing Bra please stop in!
looks backwards to me!

MamaMegan 10-28-2006 06:55 PM

Re: Someone with a Yes! Nursing Bra please stop in!
It's backwards to be and I'm looking at mine right now.

JakesMom 10-28-2006 07:58 PM

Re: Someone with a Yes! Nursing Bra please stop in!
yah, the clasp she put on the bra/cup part belongs on the strap part, and vice versa. strange!

clothdiapermom 10-31-2006 05:04 AM

Re: Someone with a Yes! Nursing Bra please stop in! UPDATE in post #7
Well she did finally get back to me and here is what she said,

"That IS the way the YES bras USED to be but they have changed the clasps
with the newer version which isn't the 2-4-1 you have. It does work as they
have the clasps now, with a sort of "downward flick" and is actually quite
easy (i wear these older version bras all the time as my sole sports bra and
love them!) but they "look" upside down :-)"

Here is my responce this morning back to her.

"Well at this point I would say I am dissatisfied. I am not sure if I
can even use these bras with the clasps this way. They seem to just flop around. My other bras I used last time all had this system but
the hook was pointed up and secured on the top and bottom so it was
super easy for me to open and close one handed.

I posted on a message board that I frequent to get others opinions and
they too felt they were put on incorrectly, but if this is how Yes!
bra used to do it then I guess I am stuck.I am most likly going to
have to pay some one to "fix" all of them so they are usable for me. I
was so upset by the clasps being weird I haven't even tried them on
yet to be honest.

Would you mind sending me a photo of one of the bras that you have
used that shows this same clasp system because I am just really
struggling to see how it is "easy" to use. I just invision my baby
screaming wanting to eat and me having to mess around with this weird
clasp set up to get the bra open. I will attach a photo of what I
would expect with his type of clasp since it was how all my other bras
with this clasp system were constructed."

Do you think I sound nasty in the email, because I didn't mean to I meant to just portray my disappointment?

ETA: I did get these bras 2 for the price of 1 because she said they were version 1 bras and she said the only real difference was the thickness of the cotton. Here I will cut and past what she said about version 1 vs. the new version so you can all see if I missed anything. The only reason she offered me version 1 bras at all is because she was out of my size in white in version 2 so she offered to sell me the old style B1G1 basically.

The bra still has the bamboo print, the style is still the same and pretty
much everything else is the same but the cotton is not as thick or
supportive and not the same quality. It is a good bra, that I can say.
It is just that after a while and after listening to customer feedback, the
company improved the bra :-) It is great that they did that but of
coruse the issue then becomes what to do with the older bras which are not as good
as the new ones?! :-) It is tough so the best they could say was to offer
them at 2-4-1 pricing. The value is still good and many women bought and
loved those bras when they were NOT at 2-4-1 :-)

Really the biggest problem for me as a seller is when a gal has version 1
and then gets version 2 and hates her version 1 because version 2 is better!
It is almost better if gals don't know, if you know what I mean :-) They
liked the first bra, loved the second and then it is all "but I want new
bras" sort of situation :-) Oh well - soon all the old bras will be gone
and it won't be an issue but no company can afford just to throw out all
the old inventory

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