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betty_joanne 11-01-2006 12:14 PM

Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
Ok, so Ashna went to her well baby check up today and i am back home and upset. Ashna is in the 90th percentile for height(30inches at just over 13months) and pretty low in the percentile for weight(she is 20.8 pounds). So she has lost weight since her last visit at 10months. The dr. pointed out that this was NOT the growth curve that she wanted to see and that we need to keep and eye out. She also pointed out that she sees a lot of breast fed babies do this so it isn't anything to be alarmed about. Ok, well i was ok with that. Not happy, but ok. Then she measures her head, checks heart, ears/eyes, and then measures her head a 2ND time. She comments that she is very low in the percentil for head measurements and that her head hasn't grown as much as it should have. She pointed out that it may be related to the recent growth spurt. We will check it again at 15months and then go from there. Not happy at all about this head measurement being small thing. The dr. said that since Ashna is meeting all milestones and we aren't noticing any delays that we shouldn't get worried yet. We said no to all vaccines with the exception of the flu shot(which is a two part shot/2nd half month later).
I know that this is a book but i am a worried mom. Please someone make me feel better.

betty_joanne 11-01-2006 12:16 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
Crap, i thought i was in the parenting forum. Sorry, about that. This can be moved if need be.

Ooey 11-01-2006 12:23 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
GRRRR!! this is exactly why Whilder doesn't go to the doctor. They did this to us before she was born, making you worry about stupid little things that have no significance. :hugs: mama your baby is perfect, there is no need to worry over things like that, doctors may be specially trained but you are the one who knows your child and that she is healthy. Why should she even have to be compaird to stupid growth charts and percentiles? I would change doctors If I were you, I know for me personally having a doctor who made a big deal out of every little thing drove me batty!

GracieGooseSC 11-01-2006 12:25 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
Awww, mama I wouldn't worry about it. All babies grow differently! Our first dd was tiny, our second dd is huge! :goodvibes:

ocfb16 11-01-2006 12:26 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
I haven't dealt with the whole head issue but my daughter is like in the 1-3rd percentile on her weight. She has gained about 9 ounces in the last 7 months!! She is almost 14 months and weights just at 16 lbs. So her curve has dropped on the chart as well. But she is a perfectly healthy baby. I was worried at first but the more I got to talking to other moms the more I realized (esp with breastfed babies) that they were all told the same things. As long as she is hitting her milestones, I wouldnt worry yourself to much. Hopefully you will hear some good news at the 15m checkup. And all babies are shaped different, I've seen lots of babies with huge heads so maybe she just has a smaller head. :hugs:

Fullhouse 11-01-2006 12:28 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
Cole is 11 montha and 20lbs. Gained 4oz in the last 3months and is tall & skinny. He said it was fine, babies start moving and trim-up. No biggie.

stephdpn 11-01-2006 12:31 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
My Hutch is a skinny little dude - he is 19 months and in about the 80th % in height, but probably about the 25th in weight...he barely weighs 11 kilos (22 lbs)..however, he eats like a horse - most days for breakfast he eats a huge bowl of oatmeal, a cereal bar, some loose cereal (like cheerios) and a string cheese...he is OBVIOUSLY healthy...go with your gut mama and find a new ped if need be! My ped said my little one is just gonna be tall and skinny, no need to worry!

kimb96 11-01-2006 12:36 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
Don't worry about it, babies don't grow according to a chart. My son didn't gain a single oz from the time he was 2 months until he was 8 months old. He weighed exactly the same at his 8 months that he did at his 2 month checkup. He went from the 95th percentile in weight to the 5th percentile. He always stayed in the 75-80th percentile in height. My ped didn't think it was an issue at all. He had bad reflux and he just couldn't keep enough food in his belly to gain weight. My ped was fine with it as long as he didn't lose weight. He is a happy and healthy almost 3 year old now.

Malka 11-01-2006 02:56 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
My oldest ds once had his head measured three times in one appointment because the measurements seemed too low each time. In the end, the pediatrician wasn't too concerned about it because he was hitting developmental milestones. I have a really small head, so his head is probably genetically small.

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 11-01-2006 03:05 PM

Re: Please make me feel better(well baby visit related)
i wouldnt worry neither, she is eating good and is growing just right for her, all babies grow differently,some are big and some are small, my son was off the baby charts by 4 months, he had passed to 100%ile, the dr wasnt concerned at all and now with danae she is small for her age, she is almost 21 months and is just now gaining weight and was 19.5 lbs, she is growing right for her ya know, we as the mamas know our kids the best:goodvibes:

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