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ashersmomoo 10-27-2008 02:27 PM

What should my boys be for Halloween?
My DS1 wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween but my sewing machine is having some technical problems and I'm not sure I can hand sew it in time. The baby couldn't care less, he's just excited. I think it's all cute and can't decide and DH is in DC all week. Help me decide! :lostit:

I should add that DS1 LOVES both costumes and could be easily swayed either way. I honestly don't think I'll finish the first one though, but he gets the final choice if they are both done.

dorfmama 10-27-2008 03:06 PM

Re: What should my boys be for Halloween?
All the costumes are adorable! I would totally have them match. After we already had costumes, I was wishing I had done that with my 3 younger children. Next year, my 2nd oldest probably won't be interested in matching the younger 2, so this was most likely my last chance. :(

nataliedan 10-27-2008 03:42 PM

Re: What should my boys be for Halloween?
I think that they should match, I think that it's adorable when the children match. I wish I had someone to match things with

ashersmomoo 10-27-2008 07:31 PM

Re: What should my boys be for Halloween?
Anyone else? I really hope I get the dinosaur done because I think it will be sooo cute and I spent a bundle on the fabric. I know he can always use it for play time too though. I'm leaning towards matching, but in a sling or stroller, the crankys lose their pirate feel. Hmmm, maybe a bandana?

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