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wanamingomommy 05-14-2006 01:17 PM

Cover question
This may be a dumb question... I'm new, please forgive me...

When using a diaper cover, whether w/pf or fitted, does the cover then need to go in the wash right away along with the diaper? Since the diaper isn't waterproof, it seems to me that the cover would get soiled as well.

Any help greatly appreciated!

jjaelovesenglish 05-14-2006 02:14 PM

Re: Cover question
Unless there is a BM you can probably use the same cover several times before changing it out. If it is damp, just hang it to dry before using it again. It only works about half the time when I use a BSWW, but when I use the gerber pullons I usually change everytime.

jjaelovesenglish 05-14-2006 02:14 PM

Re: Cover question
I am new to this too. I just learned that last week. :blush:

hollyhobby30 05-14-2006 03:07 PM

Re: Cover question
If there's no bm I just take a wipe and wipe it off and hang to dry. I rotate covers throughout the day.

SheilaJoy 05-14-2006 03:20 PM

Re: Cover question
I usually reuse only once and then I wash, if I reuse at all. But, I wash every day so it's not a big deal to throw it in there with the rest. If I was washing only every 3 days, I would probably reuse twice.

Minniebees 05-14-2006 03:36 PM

Re: Cover question
I wash mine every time unless it's wool. They just always smell like pee, and it's not hard to just throw the whole thing in the wash.

jodi5 05-14-2006 04:42 PM

Re: Cover question
I reuse mine throughout the day. Sometimes a cover will last all day and at the end of the day, I throw it in the wash, other times I need 2-3 covers in a day.

mihrimah 05-14-2006 07:09 PM

Re: Cover question
Usually the rule is to wash when it smells or your DC has a BM. I know some mamas who use fitteds and don't even wash after a BM unless it gets on the cover. It's all about preference.

I mainly wash when DD has a BM, and my stock of covers is small enough that I know that they're getting washed often enough. Urine is sterile, so there is no danger in reusing a cover, just preference about stink. Fleece seems to pick up smell more than PUL, so they get washed more often.
For wool, I've heard you only have to wash every 3 weeks, unless there's a BM.

Also, I wash my covers with my regular laundry, because I use the washing soda/simple green combo and simple green is really hard on covers. Also, fleece can benefit from being washed with regular detergent or dried with a dryer sheet because it helps repell water even better- for the same reasons you don't use those on your diapers!

wanamingomommy 05-15-2006 11:55 AM

Re: Cover question
This might be a little off the subject... so I should not use softener on cd parts that I want to absorb, but the other parts I can...?

Also, is fleece waterproof enough as a cover that you would need another cover over top? I saw someone on ebay selling an AIO that was all fleece... will that work well??? Or still need a cover?

geckoed 05-15-2006 12:06 PM

Re: Cover question
if the diaper is damp I wipe cover and let it air dry, if diaper is SOAKED I wash the cover.
Fleece.. some fleece doesn't work well but I had 2 that were- I swear- as good as wool. They were awesome overnight even though it BAFFLED me every time

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