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AundAPenner 11-09-2008 12:55 AM

New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
Hello ya'll. We live in the NRW region of Germany by Muenster. We moved last summer (wow, it's been 16 months already!) to be closer to hubby's family from Cleveland, Ohio.

I'm now pregnant with #2 and want to switch over our 2.5 year old to cloth.

Where do you buy your diapers? Any recommendations on switching a toddler?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to "meeting" some of ya'll!


HadassahSukkot 11-09-2008 03:40 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
I ordered mine online through Leslie's Boutique.... but I had a US addy to send it to, so it was OK at the time.

I saw that (you have to sign up for their mailer) has cloth diapers, and there is a store not too far from us that has some prefolds and the like.

I use the BumGenius 3.0s, and started with our son at around a month and a half.

AundAPenner 11-09-2008 05:17 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
Thanks for the info. I'll check out their site right now!

I think we've decided to use prefolds with wool covers. I keep hearing rave reviews for wool and have Disana covers here are quite affordable.

I'm just trying to figure out if it's more cost effective to purchase here or in the states and have my family ship ... right now though I'm leaning towards purchasing here.

I also found some used sets on

Is it just me or does it seem like CDing is not so popular here among Germans?

May I ask where you're located? and how long you've been over here? was your son born here?

HadassahSukkot 11-09-2008 06:13 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
Well, in my area it doesn't seem like CD is too popular. I think it's the time involved and the fact you have to be more intune to your child + the amt of water it takes to wash them.... not as "easy" as just taking a disposable and putting it in the trash.

I'm located in Southern Hessen, and for us, we hear "Pampers" more than "Stoffwindeln" from any of the parents we've met. They're shocked that I use cloth and they are so pretty.

I think my inlaws parents were the last of the cloth diaperers until us. My MIL and FIL will cloth diaper our son (they have to), but weren't real fans. My MIL will come over once in a while and help stuff diapers too. LOL

I've been here since July '07, and JD was born here June 1st of this year.

I did see that Lotties has a fairly neat deal for diapers and wool covers/longies. I dunno if that's any harder or not, but I know I have problems with snaps and buttons, so I opted for the easier version with velcro.

AundAPenner 11-09-2008 06:18 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
I was really surprised when we arrived here ... I expected it to be far crunchier than it really is. I'm still BFing my 2.5 year old AND I'm pregnant. Whew - you should hear the comments I get!

It's encouraging (in a weird way I guess) to hear that your experiences with diapers seem in line with mine. Pampers really are the only way to go with disposables here - I've tried all the other brands, incluing the Oko ones and for the first time in his life, Henry got diaper rash!!! We used 7th Generation back in the States ...

We also moved in July of 2007!

We'll see how my inlaws react to CDing! :) My husband's family is originally from Russia - my MIL insists they did not have diapers (which is also why at 1 year of age they wanted to buy a pot for potty training). ***sigh***

I've found it a bit difficult in our small town to find like-minded parenting styles ... and have thankfully met up with other expats and moms to share experiences/advice.

queenginseng 11-10-2008 04:04 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
I bought my Popolino one size off ebay. There are always plenty of diapers and covers new and used.

My pockets I bought in the US when I was on vacation. You probably know but you may want to double check on customs fees if receiving stuff from the US.

Is your toddler wiggly? Prefolds would be too hard for my wiggly boy.

I love wool but my son no longer chooses his wool.

Some of the bigger DMs have wool covers, sadly not my local ones.

That is cool your MIL wanted to start early potty training. I started my son at 8 months. But you sigh about it?

I often check in German.

For longies and OS dipes I love Mama Bless.

HadassahSukkot 11-10-2008 10:33 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
I did see that some sites here are starting to carry BG3.0s..

queenginseng 11-11-2008 05:02 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
The BG 3.0s are great but do not fit my 2 year old on the hips and they come open. :( Just a heads up for those with toddlers.

AundAPenner 11-11-2008 08:26 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
I'm getting ready to place an order this week to get our diapers! yeah!!!

And the next time I'm at DM I'll have to look for covers ...

The reason for my sigh (re: potty training) ... well, I simply let Henry lead the way. And they don't agree with it. He's 2.5 and still BFing and still in our bed. And he's still in diapers - he will go on the potty, but I just don't push him - never have. And sometimes, just sometimes, my inlaws don't "get" me.

I so love this site!

Ami in Deutschland 11-27-2008 06:41 AM

Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!
Hi. Welcome to DiaperSwappers and the wonderful world of CD'ing. I'm in NRW too- in the Ruhrgebiet, so I know Muenster. It's actuallly a pretty crunchy city, with all the bike lanes and such. That might be a bit of a biased impression, since I study ecology there and the Muensteraner that I know are super green. BTW, a lot of green Germans don't cloth diaper, because they think its not better for the environment. Íkotest even says so. That info is based on the British environmental agency study and an older German one.

I was also going to recommend the site. They have really great info there. I bought most of my dipes used through the Flohmarkt there or on ebay. I started out with Lotties and I really liked them when DS was small. We'll be using them on the new baby too. We switched to almost all pockets (BG OS, Blueberries, a few other brands to try) recently, and I got those used here. I tend to buy a lot of stuff when we are visiting family in the States, and no one seemed to have a problem with shipping to my parents. I just couldn't justify the expense of buying them new through a German distributor. I had to switch to pockets, since diaper changes are much more difficult with a wiggly toddler and a pregnant belly. DH and my MIL have also become increasingly resistant to using the cloth dipes, so I had to offer something easy.

For covers, I can recommend the Imse Vimse wool covers. They fit DS well and contain poos. I still use those for nighttime and when we are home. The velcro on mine is starting to be useless. The hook part is fine, but the softtape over the front is worn. I also tried the Amsterdam Wollwikkel cover at the beginning and wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't have the double leg binding like Imse Vimse, so I never could get a good fit on the legs- result: icky poo messes and wet sleep sacks. I also really like the fleece covers from Windelmatz (at They fit over even very bulky night diapers and give a good seal at the legs and waist. DS has been wearing the medium since about 6 months (18 months now).

It's expensive and not so easy to get in Germany, but I really recommend hemp, especially for heavy-wetting toddlers. I was changing muslin diapers (Mullwindeln) about 20x a day with a newborn. This time around, I will try hemp flats until the Lotties fit (hemp flats also work great as inserts for pockets).

For your toddler, I would recommend covers that snap or have velcro, since you probably don't want to have to remove shoes at every diaper change. The pull up wool or PUL covers are fine for infants and hold back EBF poo better than something that can gap at the legs.

Babywalz (there's on in Bocholt) carries some cloth diapering supplies.

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