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prissygirls 05-15-2006 06:48 AM

Cool ideas
Anyone have any cool/neat ideas on how to tell their husband they are preggo? I just found out this morning, and I want to surprise him with something neat.

audreyt 05-15-2006 05:33 PM

Re: Cool ideas
I've read TONS of cool ideas! But some DH's take a LOOOONG time to "get it"! LOL!

My friend and I are TTC and she had THE coolest idea that I've ever heard!
And I will be using it as soon as I get that beautiful BFP!

Congrats on yours!:hugs:

Here's what she did...
She is a few days late for AF and she TOLD her DH. They bought a test and when she got home she POAS and told him to sit there and he can tell her what the results are.:spit:

Turns out it was a BFN...though she is still late! So there could be hope!
But she thought it was really nice for him to be a part of the whole thing!

Since you already know it would be really cool for you to tell DH you "have a hunch" and then see the look of (fill in the blank!) on his face! It would be a moment neither of you forgets!!:mrgreen:

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