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mommyofatoz 11-15-2008 08:03 PM

Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
When I was pregnant with my third child (2006), at about 8 months I started to experience pain about an inch to the right of my belly button. Of course the more I did, the worse it was. If I sat down, all was fine, but by the end of the pregnancy, every time I stood up, it felt as if my stomach was going to rip in half. I had to constantly put pressure on the spot to be able to do anything. I told my family doctor about this (who also delivered my first three babies), and he told me it sounded like I had an umbilical hernia. He said that if it bothered me after baby was born, I could have it fixed, but that if I was going to have any more kids, I should wait until I'm all done having kids. After ds was born, I had no problems whatsoever with it, and it was forgotten. Until...

Well, here I am, now 20 weeks pregnant. I've had slight hints of the pain since I was probably around 14/16 weeks, but nothing major. So today, I have done a lot of cleaning and going up and down stairs, lifting things (laundry baskets), and guess started to hurt for real again. I know that it is the same thing I had going on before, only now I'm really worried. If it is already bothering me at 20 weeks, what's it going to be like when I'm full term? I have a new doctor now, cause my family doctor no longer does deliveries, and I will be going to see his on Tuesday. I plan on discussing this with him, my past, my worries, etc. Of course I will also be getting an ultrasound, so I was going to see if we should look at it while we are there...It's never been "officially" diagnosed, so I guess I would like to be sure that that is what it really is.

So, has anyone been through this? What were your symptoms? How did you cope? What did your dr. recommend? I actually remember towards the end of my pregnancy, borrowing a solar belt from my sister and wrapping that tight around my stomach so I had both my hands to do things. It's hard to get stuff done when one hand is occupied by applying pressure to stop pain in your abdomen!

gabesmamamadeit 11-15-2008 09:27 PM

Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
I have a similar pain, but it isnt a hernia. My midwife says it is the muscles seperating. She suggested trying a maternity belt. I havent done it yet but I think it will help.

blessedw2pink 11-15-2008 10:34 PM

Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
I developed an umbilical hernia about 6-8 weeks pregnant with my last pregnancy. It HURT! I thought I was miscarrying it hurt so bad. At first the docs tried to put it off as round ligament pain. My BUTT! Then I asked why my belly button was poking out early, she said it was too early and low and behold hernia! It was painful at first... but the pain subsided for the most part after a couple of weeks. The bigger I got the more sensitive it was directly on and around it, but I took things kinda easy and everything was fine. I stopped picking up my then 2 and a half year old and did not push anything, not a stroller or a shopping cart. But that was mainly due to those things being smack in front of my hernia and I would rub them with the belly and feel pain. Dishes will be a PITA. As if it is not hard enough to do with a big belly.

My main concern was delivery. I was so afraid that pushing would cause me to rip more in that area... make it bigger or something. But I did just fine! I did have to have surgery after delivery to fix it. Now it is good as new and so far in this pregnancy, 13 weeks, everything is still fine.

For help I wore a Bella band all.the.time. Something to somewhat hold it in and give another layer of protection if you will. I would suggest holding on for dear life every single time you sneeze. Besides that a tight tank top or smaller Bella Band is best. No real heavy lifting. Other than that, it should be a normal pregnancy.

I hope the pain passes quickly! It will get less sensitive, I promise!

blessedw2pink 11-15-2008 10:36 PM

Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
Here is some photos to show progression of the hernia:

Me at 6ish months--

And me at 8ish months--

You can see it pokes out at the top of my belly button area.
And DON'T let people poke your belly button and say "Timer's done!" That HURTS pretty bad. :banghead:

Krazy4mykids 11-16-2008 10:42 AM

Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
I have one that I got when I was pregnant with my dd in 2003. Now pg with my 5th it still hurt from about 15 weeks on...... Mine pops out about the same as your is. Cant touch that area or I will jump cause it hurts. I am hoping to get it fixed sooner or later, but it doesn't give me problems unless I am pg and since this is my last I am not to worried about it. I am 31 weeks now so I only got less than 8 weeks left to deal with it...LOL

mommyofatoz 11-16-2008 01:46 PM

Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
See, that is what makes me wonder whether this is actually an umbilical hernia. I have never had my belly button pop out, and it doesnt hurt right on my belly's actually to the right of it about an inch away. But that is what my other doctor told me it was. That is kind of why I hope we can check it out w/ultrasound (while we are there) to see if that is what it really is...IDK.

abacus2 11-17-2008 04:26 PM

Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I was told I had an umbilical hernia with my second pregnancy. It was tender, but didn't cause me the kind of pain you describe. I received the opposite advice from my doctor, she said that hernias tend to get worse with each pregnancy so getting it repaired before having another would be wise. I had surgical repair when dd2 was 4 months old. I'm now 30 weeks pregnant again and haven't had problems. I wish you luck in finding ways to cope and recommend getting it repaired before having another child.

pixiestixs 03-26-2010 01:00 PM

Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...
hey i have had two umbilical hernias one above my belly button and had that repaired twice and now i am 20 weeks with my 4th child and have another hernia to the left of my belly button. i am looking into getting a bellaband to hold it in because like you if i dont have my finger on it holding it in i have alot of pain! and for the ultrasound they wont be able to tell that way. my brother in law is a ultrasound text and you cant see a whole in your muscle with a ultrasound thats not how it works but from what you describe i am positive it is a hernia you have!
didnt realize how old a post this was!!

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