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mamamac 04-23-2006 09:01 AM

Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours
I hope I posted this in the right forum, as I am new to this.

I have a daughter (14 months) that I started CDing around 4 months when she was about 20 pounds. I started with FB and then switched to Bum Genius and Happy Heiny's. Now that I am expecting another girl in July, I am looking forward to using CD right away, but I need some advice.

First, I want to keep the price down and I don't want the new baby to stain the BG that my daughter wears. So I figured I would purchase a few covers (Proraps or Bummis), but now I have no idea what to use for the diaper. I have heard so many different things about prefolds and kissaluvs, that I am now so confused!

How "messy" are prefolds with BF poop? Do the Kissaluvs Contours work like a prefold? Do the Contours hold in just as much as a fitted? Do you think it would be a bad idea to buy size 1 Kissaluvs due to the size of my last baby? Again, I am trying to save $$, and I don't want to have to buy more diapers 2-3 weeks after the baby is born. Are there anyother brands like Kissaluvs that have good reviews? How is folding the prefolds to put in the diaper? Would my husband try to avoid that part?

Any advice, suggestions, or anything would be awesome! Thank you in advance.

lovemygirls 04-23-2006 09:11 AM

Re: Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours
I've been using prefolds on my 4 month old since she's been born. We've gone back and forth with prefolds and fuzzibunz. The only time that we ever happen to use fb's is when we're out and about but other than that we use prefolds and pins and I'm very happy with them. :D

The bf poo has stayed in the prefold too! I haven't really had any blow outs with the prefolds. We use the twist fold.

Congrats on your upcoming little girl too!!

ETA: If your going with prefolds I'd suggest using Mother-ease Airflow covers too! They work great with the prefolds. My dh doesn't mind using prefolds either (he just makes me pin them!!)

I've never used Kissaluvs but I've heard they work really well for newborns. I'm not sure of the contours because we've never used them, sorry!!

kissum 04-23-2006 09:19 AM

Re: Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours
I don't really use pre-folds, but I had some kissaluv contours and I used fitteds. I think that contours or a prefold snappied, as long as they are tight, should hold in the poo just fine. But I've always found that fitteds do the best job, because they have elastic on the legs. A good cover will hold it all in anyway, so it's really just a matter of how many covers you have or how often you want to wash.

railyuh 04-23-2006 11:03 AM

Re: Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours
We used prefolds and kissaluvs with our newborn. In fact, we're still using the kissaluvs (fitteds) and he's about 14lbs, but he won't fit in them much longer. DH and I just weren't big fans of prefolds, but they are a good cheap option to have around. I wind up using them for burp clothes or if I run out of clean dipes on laundry day.

Also, I have on BG and the stains from bf poo sun out of it really easily, in just 10 min or so on a sunny day.

LimeInTheCoconut 04-23-2006 01:58 PM

Re: Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours
I haven't used contours, but I have used kl fitteds and infant prefolds.

My dh LOVED the kissaluvs, wouldn't touch the prefolds, despite the fact that no pins were involved. (We used a snappi or just a wool wrap.) He probably would have tried to learn the pf routine if he'd had too--he really likes the idea of using CDs, but he's kind of all thumbs with those kinds of things, so it was nice to have the kissaluvs there for him.)

I used the bikini fold with the pfs, which I found very easy, and it *almost* always held the poo in...until just very recently, when he started regularly pooping out of them, but now that we've moved on to regular pfs, we've solved that problem.

The kissaluvs always held the bf poo in.

As far as fit goes, I think kissaluvs work for a while. They STILL fit my ds, although he pees right through them, so we've just recently stopped using them. He's almost 4 months old...on the long and skinny side for 4 months, but still--that's a long time for them to fit, imo.

Our nb stash was half kissaluvs (24 is a good number for us, so dh could do the majority of the changes on the weekends!) and half infant prefolds (24 of these). This worked great for us. (We used wool over them, but I'm sure PUL covers would work great too.)

Oh, also, if you're planning on using cloth at the hospital, it was really nice to have the kissaluvs for that also.

Psychomom 04-23-2006 02:51 PM

Re: Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours
I vote for fitteds for a newborn all the way! I could not keep my son's breastfed poops contained in prefolds or contours.

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