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bakersrose 12-11-2008 07:40 PM

Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
I don't get it. The stories I read about EC seem so easy. I have 2 month old DS. I wish I had started right after birth with this...I will do that with future babies I hope, but I was just so tired right after the birth and had company, so I put it off. Anyway, I am determined to make this work. I refuse to go through what I'm STILL going through with my 2 1/2 year old - UGH!

I tried nursing the other day skin to skin so I could feel any movements or signs the DS needed to go...and I got peed on 3 times. (Yeah, kinda funny, I know!) I didn't notice any squirming or bobbing on and off the breast like I had heard usually happens, so maybe I missed it??? I just read that some of you nurse over a bowl somehow? How do you do it? I can't envision it logistically.

I've also been holding him over a bowl or sink several times a day and making the psssss sound to try to get him to go. I haven't caught a single pee yet. I need to figure this out...and soon before he gets even more used to going in his diaper. HELP! Thank you!

schmidtej 12-11-2008 08:59 PM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
I don't have any answers for you, but I do have a lot of the same questions :) . My son will be 2 months old on the 17th and I've just started trying a little occasional EC with him. I thought it would be pretty easy with him also because he generally waits until I put a clean diaper on him before he poops, so I have just tried holding him over the toilet at changes. I caught one very small poop yesterday, but nothing since then. I thought I had his signs, or at least his timing (during/after eating, after changes) figured out, but he doesn't seem to be on the same schedule now...

I am also curious about how it works to nurse with baby over a bowl. I think that would work great for me if I could figure out the logistics! Anyone have a picture or explanation of how that would work?


Edensmomma 12-11-2008 09:23 PM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
I did modified EC. My dd would always pee when I took off her diaper. So when she started to pee I would say "psssssssssss" to her every single time. (starting from brith) At about 5 months when she could somewhat sit up on her own/trunk control, I started putting her on the Baby Bjorn Little Potty and I would look her in the eye and say "pssssssssss" and she would pee every.single.time. Seriously. It worked. We are still pottying her on the potty every diaper change and she always poops in her potty now. Keep the baby as dry as possible and soon they will start to hate feeling wet so they will communicate when they have to pee/poop. Try not to get frustrated, you don't need to catch every single pee. This is a learning process for BOTH you and your baby. Good luck. If you get really frustrated, take a break for a day or two. It won't hurt.

rxmom08 12-12-2008 02:06 AM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
I started with dd at 2 weeks and would hold her over the potty after diaper changes. I would catch some of the poops but hardly any pees. Then I just started to look for her patterns at around 6 weeks and would hold her over the potty or sit her on bblp during those times. We started catching more pees. Of course there were times when she would go right after putting a clean diaper on her. Now at 9 weeks, it seems like a piece of cake. As soon as I sit her down on bblp, she goes if she needs to. I don't even need to use the cue sound. Initially you will not catch much as you can see it took me at least a few weeks. But once the baby starts associating the sound, you will start catching more.

aikigypsy 12-12-2008 02:54 AM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
The potty bowls made to use when nursing have a wide brim, like a hat. That way it's easy to hold between your thighs. I never did that, though (well, I tried a couple of times but didn't like it). I put a prefold under her/on my lap when nursing instead, and a bit of pee soaks through sometimes but I don't get drenched. Have you had any luck with waking up in the morning and just after naps, maybe as soon as he's stirring? That was one of the easiest catches for us. Also if you have him in a sling/wrap for a while, try just after you take him out, especially if you're taking him out because he was getting fidgety.

armywife08 12-12-2008 08:15 AM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
i'm not an expert at this either. i'm doing it little bits with my 9mo and i started the first time at about 5 mos. i put him on the potty and say psss and he goes INSTANTLY. maybe your baby just needs to asscociate the sound. so like the other ladies said when you get peed on, go psssss. i dunno i hope that helps! i found it easier to catch the poop now that he is older bc he pushes hard and then i put him on the potty and he goes. you are doing great, don't give up!

mrsdelaughter 12-12-2008 04:00 PM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
I am new again to EC, but I did do this with my DD4 starting about 3months. Whenever I was nursing her (most of the time), I would hold her with my hand between my legs. As soon as I felt the warmth, I would make the cue sounds. I did that for a few days before I tried going without the diaper. I didn't ever get peed or pooed on and after a few days, she would start fussing until I make the cue sound. It didn't matter if she had a diaper on, as long as I made the sound, she would go. I guess it just took her a couple of days of hearing the sound while eliminating to associate the two. I would try just cueing when you notice him peeing or pooing and then work up to pottying outside of the diaper. Good Luck!

sdevonh 12-15-2008 12:17 PM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
First of all, I just want to say kudos for even trying EC. Secondly, don't stress out over this! EC is not a goal oriented process in the same way that PLing is. I started EC with my daughter when she was four months old. I laid her on a blanket with a towel under her and made a "pssss " sound if I caught her peeing. If I was wearing her or nursing her, I usually had a CD on her. Often it was just a prefold or fitted so that I would be aware of when she went and make the cue sound then, as well. It was only after doing that for a few weeks that I even tried to put her on the potty and cue her. I would do it after naps and feeds, and found that I caught pees about 50% of the time. I cleaned up puddles every day, especially once she began crawling. Learning to read her cues was not something that happened overnight. I commend you for starting EC with your baby at two months, but remember that you are still getting to know your baby and you are tired. Cut yourself some slack. If you need to take a break from EC for a day or two, put a dipe on your LO and rest in the knowledge that you are giving yourself a mental break. You are not losing time.

MeCo7707 12-16-2008 06:00 PM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
I used the little potty they have for newborns - I would just put it between my legs while I nursed and when she would potty I would make the psss sound. She caught on fast. Also cues can be subtle - DD would blink, take a breath in stop nursing, but stay latched, and pee. A poop would be an unlatch a poop and relatch - it happened SO fast sometimes I was glad I just had the potty. Eventually I got her to potty before she nursed - and then we both figured out that hey "she's telling me she needs to go" and "holy cow mom has actually figured out that I'm trying to say something!"

svayamba 12-17-2008 01:14 PM

Re: Trying to EC a 2 month old, and I'm getting frustrated
Hi - congratulations for trying EC! I agree with the above poster that the most important thing is to try not to stress over it, no matter what happens. We started EC at birth with our son, and at nine months I can say it's been 'hit and miss' in many ways! But remember to focus on the communication aspect, which you can succeed at even if the poop ends up in a diaper or the pee ends up on the floor.

For the practical aspects: I usually nursed with a prefold or open diaper, so it wasn't a mess. Early on we had diaper free time, again over prefolds. Make the cue sounds whenever you see her pee. She'll make the association fairly soon, and then you can try over a potty. Two months is a great time, since she'll need to go so often that you'll have better luck with the initial catches!

Also, ECing is not a linear process - we've had so many reversals as our son gets older. We used to catch all poops, now we miss poops when he's too engaged to go to the potty. We've had him cry every time we put him on the potty at various ages, and now he sometimes gets up and then goes immediately after on the floor. It's all part of learning, for you and the baby.

Good luck, and enjoy ECing with your daughter!

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