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Bezen 12-15-2008 09:58 AM

Talk me back into it
So I EC with DD. We started around 4 months. I think we had a catch on the first day we tried. From day one she was an easy ECer. She wasn't ever 100% diaper free (i didn't try) but all poops were on the potty from about 9 months on. The first day we tried - I saw her pee out of her diaper so I said "did you go peepee?" and then from then on if I put her on the potty and said peepee she would go. It was that easy. I got really spoiled. :blush:

Well DD had a big regression when DS was born. She was pretty much wearing diapers all the time but using the potty except for naps and nighttime. When Miles was born, she started using her diaper all.the.time. She will wait until I need to take Miles to nurse down for a nap and poop in her diaper while I'm out of the room. :yuck: She does it on purpose, obviously. Even if I potty her right before she will hold it. *sigh* i'm not pushing her on the issue but we do potty before every diaper change. Oh, and if I put her in panties she just pees or poops in them like a diaper.

Anyway, so I somewhat reluctantly dragged the potty out for DS and after 2 months have not caught a single drop of pee. I'm kind of ready to give up but frankly am lured by the memory of all that pooping DD did in the potty. :giggle: It's so much easier. Help inspire me again or give me some tips or SOMETHING.

Sakari 12-15-2008 11:33 AM

Re: Talk me back into it
I'm new to this myself, so I won't be much help. I just wanted to say - You can do it! :hugs: It's worth it, like you know from before with your daughter. And even if it takes time or she's seeming stubborn, she knows how it can work, so when she does do it again, you won't have to teach her! She already knows. Just keep in mind all those poops that you didn't have to wipe off her bum - that inspires me, even when all else seems to be for nothing. (when your ds poops or you change dd's pooey diaper, think back to all those months before of no poo clean up! and know that it will happen again.) You've given them a base to build on. Even if they wander away from it for awhile. It's worth it.

mel j 12-15-2008 11:37 AM

Re: Talk me back into it
I'm new at this too. But I wonder if you try it with your son, if your daughter will see and want to start trying to use the potty again? I've seen that happen...not with pottying but when we're around older babies like my 1 y/o niece, they seem to want to take over my LO's stuff and do things that my LO does! ;)

MeCo7707 12-16-2008 07:00 PM

Re: Talk me back into it
I agree with pp if she sees DS on the potty she may feel the need to also use the potty. Also, your daughter may just have missed the communication that you shared until your DS was born. Your right she most likely did it on purpose, but a new person in the house can cause some kinks in the ec flow of communication. Don't give up - we all love the days when we only use 1-2 diapers!

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