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beenwaitingalongtime 11-13-2006 11:14 PM

Apple the Oven??
I need to make Ramie's food of the week--pureed apples. However, our kitchen is being remodeled and we only have a microwave and an oven. I know the microwave's out 'cause it destroys all the vits/minerals, so how do I bake the apples (w/ no additives other than maybe water) to get them squishy enough to puree?

urchin_grey 11-19-2006 06:18 PM

Re: Apple the Oven??
Try wrapping the apple in foil? Like the same way you would cook a sweet potato. :giggle: I always cook all my veggies like this because they just come out better than boiling them to me. :goodvibes:

thumbelinadiapers 11-19-2006 06:36 PM

Re: Apple the Oven??
I would bake them for about 30-45 min. on 350. You actually [I]can[I] microwave them w/out too much loss of vitamins, if you steam them w/ a few tablespoons of water and a very tight lid. I've read the escaping steam leads to a loss of vitamins. (?) I just made some apples for my daughter, her 2nd food and she gobbled them up. I got organic golden delicious apples, they were on sale so I could actually afford the organics:thumbsup: It tastes soo good, I was chasing dh and dc around the house w/ a loaded spoon!

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