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kristinc 12-29-2008 02:47 PM

From Infertility to Quadruplets
I wanted to move this thread out of the TTC forum and in to the pregnancy forum to be sensitive to those who are still stuggling.

The rest of the story is here:


FMU FRER TEST at 8dp3dt=11dpo:

And its official, the first beta is in....118.6 OMG!!!!! Can you believe it is that high at 8dp3dt?!?!?! Now hoping it double for friday's beta



Beta #2....429.8 First ultrasound Fri. Jan 2nd @ 11am CST Stay tuned.....

Due date if singleton: Aug 27, 2009
if twins: Aug 7, 2009
if triplets: July 11, 2009
if quads: July 4, 2009

1st OB appt Friday, Jan 30th @ 9am

kristinc 12-29-2008 02:47 PM

Re: From Infertility to Quadruplets!!!!
Ok, so you ladies have been patient and are dying to hear the news so here it is.......

we put back 3 perfect embryos and all 3 implanted and 1 split, so we have quads so far:eek::thud::holysheep: I am in complete a good way of course:rofl: 1 of the larger ones had a heartbeat today at 5W6D which was surprising....We will go back in 1 week to see if there are heartbeats on them all. Oh and the 1 embryo that split on to 2 babies, each baby is in their own sac so we don't have to worry about twin-to-twin transfusion:yay:

ok i had to share this news with you guys. here are the rests from the rest of my ivf group so was their most successful month in 10 years.....most number of pregnancies and most # of babies:thud:

Betas on 11 & 13DPO:
17 & 48- singleton
40 & 141-twins
39 & 240-trips
25 & 140-twins
69 & 220-twins
31 & 96- twins
38 & 152-twins
9 & 77- singleton (only transferred 1 egg)
**119 & 430**ME!!- QUADS
45 & 156- twins
300 & 601-twins
37 & 152-quads

US #2:

All 4 babies have heartbeats and are measuring on target!!!! Baby C is the biggest and strongest b/c it is on the anterior wall of the uterus all by itself. The other 3 are all on the posterior wall of the uterus so they have to share the space and nutrients.

Baby A: HB-131, measuring 6W2D
Baby B: HB-119, measuring 6W2D
Baby C: HB-125, measuring 6W5D
Baby D: HB-113, measuring 6W4D

The whole bunch:

The tech is trying to get all 4 on the same pic but it is hard b/c they are getting bigger and are on different sides of the uterus......right about now my bladder was feeling like it was gonna burst....and it was a vag U/S:giggle:

Baby A:

Baby B:

Baby C:

Baby D:

and the belly shot that people have been asking for......taken mon 1/12/09 @ 7W2D:hugegrin:

kristinc 12-29-2008 02:53 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP
1st OB appt 1/30/09:
It went fine...except for my Dr is a Bozo:banghead:He had no idea about delivering anything higher than twins and I am pretty sure that no one in the practice has delivered quads in the whole 8 years he has practiced there (he is the most senior Dr on staff). He knew nothing about quad pregnancy and I actually think he was making answers up to my questions and i could tell b/c i have been reading anything and everything to do with preemies and higher order multiples. I was hugely annoyed at the 4 hour appt and disappointed at who they assigned to primarily take care of me for the pregnancy and delivery. They want to see me every 2 weeks for the entire pregnancy and he is trying to push the tri screen on me in 2 weeks. But i have an appt set next friday with a perinatology group who practices "old school" aka they take care of me 100% of the time and i don't have to see any OB's at all...their group does everything, so I might be switching providers....although the perinatology group is almost 1.5 hours away and so is their hospital. So i am completely confused as what to do:headscratch:
Anyway Dr Bozo said they would only U/S me every 4 weeks and it had been 4 weeks since me last U/S so he did U/S me be he didn't measure heart beats or the baby's size...he just wanted to see "if the babies were just hanging out in there" :headscratch: Ugh....soooooo annoying....a 4 hour complete waste of time with blood work that i had already done:banghead:.
And all was good with the babies....good strong HB's is what he said although he didn't count them....and he said size was fine...without measuring them.....oh and my fav comment was that i only needed to up my dietary consumption 300 calories/day:roflmbo: This guy is such a joke.
Oh yeah and the babies were all moving around and baby C kept waving at was nuts!!! I wish we had it on video. You could pretty much make out all of the major parts on each baby at just shy of 10 weeks!!!

1st Perinatology appt 2/6 @10W6D:
I guess i never posted this.....US pic from first visit with my new dr, a perinatologist. I like this guys tons more than the first one.





2nd Perinatology appt 2/27:
nothing much to update today.....they only measured the length of my cervix (which is still nice and long and thick) and the tech checked that they all still had heartbeats while the Dr was talking to me so i didn't get to see anything:-( He said they all still look good though. And he was less than impressed with my 8lb weight made me want to kick him in the chonnies. I gained 3lbs in the first 11 weeks and then in the next 3weeks i gain 5 lbs and he is still not happy.....there is no pleasing this man. Next US in 2 weeks....and this one they will measure the babies and maybe we will see gender!!!!

Belly pic...13W6D:

New belly pic from 3.10.09 @ 15W3D

Weezy6703 12-29-2008 02:53 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP
Congratulations!!! Did they approximate your due date?

Weezy6703 12-29-2008 02:55 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP

Originally Posted by kristinc (Post 5853955)
Ok ladies I need some advice. I started having redish/pink spotting on my pantyliner and tp since this morning. I didi have trouble getting my progesterone suppository in this morning so it is possible that i irritated my cervix enough to cause bleeding there. I have had crampiness too, but no different than the cramping i have had since the egg retrieval. My ivf nurse was out fo the office today but i finally got ahold of one fo the other nurses and she said the spotting could be from anything from normal spotting to low progesterone levels to cervical irritation to the dreaded early miscarriage. She told me to go ahead and do another progesterone shot tonight and tomorrow night to see if that helps. But I am seriously freaking out. She said that the ultrasound will show the number of sacs and if there was more than 1 and one of them is miscarrying they will be able to tell that from an ultrasound, but likely they won't see a heartbeat to know if they are truly viable. She said if i need reassurance that I could go to a local RE and have them send the file to my RE for interpretation. So, what do you think??? Should i wait it out tunil friday and hope that the spotting goes away or should I try to find an RE to do my ultrasound tomorrow before everyone id closed for the wed & thurs holiday??? And my DH won't be able to be there if i go tomorrow. I need advice....please help.

I'd be super nervous...not to scare you away but I'd personally try getting in sooner than later. You seem to have such a delicate situation already!!! Best wishes

mmillerRN 12-29-2008 02:58 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP
I would think the spotting would be more related to implantation bleeding or cervical irritation. When I MCd, I quickly went from spotting to all out bleeding w/in hours. I think you are still good to go!:thumbsup:

BUT, I completely understand you freaking out. I would be too, if I had awaited a pregnancy soooo long as well. I STILL think you have *nothing* to worry about yet, though.

sweetpeaboutique 12-29-2008 02:58 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP
i dont think going in tommorow could hurt anything kristin... so why not ;)

crystalannski 12-29-2008 02:59 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP
Eeh, I dont know what I would do Kristin :hugs: I would want to go in early just for the reinsurance but to have to go without DH that would be hard. I don't know I think I'd still go in early though, just because I think I'd lose my mind in wonder. Good luck hun :bighug:

TJR2119 12-29-2008 03:00 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP

Originally Posted by Weezy6703 (Post 5853973)
I'd be super nervous...not to scare you away but I'd personally try getting in sooner than later. You seem to have such a delicate situation already!!! Best wishes

:yeahthat: Good luck! I am keeping you in my prayers!:hugs:

mbreen616 12-29-2008 03:00 PM

Re: From Infertility to BFP
Kristin :bighug: If you are super worried then I would go tomorrow and see what they say. My aunt had ivf and did m/c one of the two babies, but she had heavy bleeding and severe cramping. I hope nothing is wrong and it is only cervical irritation again. :bighug: Let us know what you decide. Hang in there Kristin!

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