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CarolinaMama 01-01-2009 10:21 AM

High Pallet and Thick Frenulum are dimishing my supply
My dd has a thick frenulum, the little flap of skin inside the upper lip that holds the lip to the gums. She also has a high pallet, both are supposedly diminishing my supply. At my first visit to the lactation consultant she was getting 3 oz at almost 2 months of age. I thought all was going well till her weight gain tumbled, gaining only 3 oz. in four weeks. My lc told me to drink 8 8-oz of water a day, take 4 fenugreek tablets 4 times a day, pump 3-4 times a day and to start her on solids. She was only 4 1/2 months old and took a while to learn how to eat. She has since gained more then 2 1/2 pounds and loves food. I was still sadden that at my last visit to the lc, christmas eve, she was only getting 2 oz from me a time.

While I am happy she is gaining she still does not last longer then 2 hours between each feed. Last night she didn't go more then an hour and half. I am SO tired!!!! I am think of ep'ing so I know she is getting more milk and so dh can feed her. I love nursing and I just want to cry at thinking of giving that up. I refuse to give her formula so pumping is my only option.

Has anyone else thought of doing this? I am a sahm so pumping is going to be a pain since she will inevitably want to be held when I am pumping.

Have I done all that I can? Help!!

fieroangel 01-01-2009 11:46 AM

Re: High Pallet and Thick Frenulum are dimishing my supply
Ok first off I go by the rule of oz to hours basically if my son hasnt eaten in 2 hours he needs to eat 2oz 4hours 4oz and so on you see? Second my daughter had the thick frenulum and at 1 week old we had it clipped by an oral surgen and her latch imporved and she did great nursing. Have they mentioned getting it clipped? Its not a big deal they just put some numbing meds in DD's mouth and clipped it with surgical scissors and she latched right on a nursed right away I used it to calm her cause they had to hold her down. I think that was hte most tramatic part LOL Anyways good luck

stephcrouse 01-01-2009 01:03 PM

Re: High Pallet and Thick Frenulum are dimishing my supply
What if you pumped for 10 minutes after several of your nursing sessions each day? Are you drinking enough water and taking the fenugreek? I've heard high protien snacks and eating oatmeal each day are helpful for ramping up supply. My DS (4 wks old) has a high palate, slightly recessed chin, HAD a tight posterior tongue tie that was clipped, but he still doesn't latch wonderfully. I get sore everytime and he only nurses through the let down. I mostly pump and bottle feed him to protect my supply and give him the right balance of foremilk/hindmilk so that he isn't fussy and slow to grow. Hopefully someday, as he grows, he will be able to nurse better!

Bethan_77 01-01-2009 03:04 PM

Re: High Pallet and Thick Frenulum are dimishing my supply
My DD didn't have a frenulum issue, but she does/did have a high palate. Milk transfer wasn't our issue, but to keep her from damaging my nipples I nursed her in a modified football hold with her sitting up (I started this when she was three weeks old and used that position almost exclusively until she was at least 3-4 months).

Is your LC and IBCLC? Have you spoken to La Leche League yet? Thhose might be good steps.

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