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bethanyjoy 05-16-2006 12:10 PM

Large for Dates...
Had a midwive appt this morning, and I'm only 15 weeks pregnant but measuring 19 weeks...and I gained about 5lbs in a month! :sadno: (Which I NEVER did in my previous two pregnancies.)

So...I'm going in for an ultrasound on Thursday (the 18th).

Possibilities are (yikes!) twins...too much amniotic fluid...just a big baby...wrong due date (I'm very positive about my dates, though, so I'm sure it's not this one) or maybe gestational diabetes.

When she was listening to the heartbeat, it was 150...(160 was what they recorded last time)...then she moved the doppler to the other side of my tummy and picked up a heartbeat's quite possibly/probably the same baby...but...she got a funny look on her face and says, "So, how would you like to go for an ultrasound this week?" (instead of waiting for my 20wk one in June). I swear the second time she listened, it was faster...but I could very well be hallucinating. I have to wait....I'm not sure what I want it to be, just hope nothing is wrong, kwim??

OneFabMama 05-16-2006 12:12 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
I'm sure nothing is wrong. It sounds good. Heartbeat is where it should be (if its 1 baby).

I'm betting it's TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lostit:

smugsmilz 05-16-2006 12:15 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
HA! Twin girls, Bethany! Im holding out for twin girls! :laugh:

wbkt8 05-16-2006 12:20 PM

Re: Large for Dates...

bethanyjoy 05-16-2006 12:21 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
:lostit: :lostit: :lostit: :lostit: :lostit:

(I did mention I have twin sisters, right? :lostit: )

OneFabMama 05-16-2006 12:22 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
Oh, it's definitley twins. GIRLS!!!!!!!!!

Kimmomy2dom 05-16-2006 12:24 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
If it makes you feel any better, they had NO idea until I went in for my twenty week u/s (meaning I wasn't measuring big at all) so it may not mean twins. I would guess with your family history it's probably twins, though.

Bridym 05-16-2006 12:39 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
oh wow how exciting if it is twins.

But just to let you know, I measurend HUGE! my whole pg with my first ds and nothing was wrong, I just carry all out front and get massive lol I think at one point close to me EDD I was measuring about 48 weeks, if that is possible, lol

2sweetboys 05-16-2006 12:40 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
With my second pregnancy I swore I was having twins.....I got big fast! I was gaining about 10 lbs a month throughout my second tri. Dr assured me there was just one baby and that I wasn't going to explode! Not that that made me feel any less huge!

Hoping for healthy baby/babies! GL!

bethanyjoy 05-16-2006 01:08 PM

Re: Large for Dates...
I've got a definite mix of emotions right now! LOL

Chances are that it's probably just a BIG baby - my first was 8lbs 4oz, my second was 8lbs 10oz, so there's a good chance of this one just being a big one, kwim?

BUT I never measured large with the boys, either...still, this is #3, so it might just show more quickly...but I'm actually more in shape now than either of my previous pregnancies...LMBO

Head spins...:D

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