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tararaboomdeea 05-16-2006 04:40 PM

Pocket Peeps
What do you stuff with?

What are your favorite inserts for day and why?

What are your favorite inserts for night and why? Does this process last your baby all night? (for those of you that HAVE all night sleepers.... :blush: )

masonite 05-16-2006 04:55 PM

Re: Pocket Peeps
I have mostly pockets, and have a variety of inserts. My favorites are micro (they are brand), but they are exactly like MOE brand, and joey bunz hemp inserts.

I like the hemp ones better (more trim), but I only have 3 of those, so I use them in rotation.

At night we stuff with one micro insert topped with a fb brand doubler. Occasionally (if ds has had a ton to drink, etc.) then I will stuff with a hemp insert on bottom with a micro on top.

He sleeps from 7pm-7am and we've never had a leak!! (fyi: he isn't a super-soaker, more average)!

I've also tried Wonderfulls, but they were way too bulky and more than we needed. I sold them off.

amyers 05-17-2006 09:16 AM

Re: Pocket Peeps
We do mostly pockets during the day, I try to alternate fitteds with wool in there when I can, for bum breathing. . . Anyway, it ends up being mostly pockets. . . mostly fb and sb. For our sb, the micro work best (I swear they last longer than the hemp we have) and I haven't tried anything else. for our fb, my day combo is mostly the micro insert that came with the fb over a ll hemp insert. I have a few cotton babies, but sure don't feel the love I hear about around here. I have a few joeybunz that I use, but don't notice a great difference, except for trimness between the legs. . . I also have a few hemparoos prefolds (I get so confused with all the names, babykicks? They have purple surging on the edges and they are fleecy and soft) that are my new favorites, but I only have a few.

That's all for day. That gets us 1-2 hours. For night, I start out with a dream-eze to get us the first 5-6 hours. Then I will put two or three of the hemp, topped with micro. That gets us the last three hours till morning. Usually. But sometimes not. :banghead: We're still working on nights. lol Sorry I can't help you there!

Good luck!


theelf 05-17-2006 11:28 AM

Re: Pocket Peeps
During the day, we use microfiber auto towels. I have the blue and white towels from Wal-Mart. They are thin. I fold them into thirds and use two. We have been doing that since September (when we started cd'ing). It works great. The only leaks we have had have come from some article of clothing getting tucked into the diaper and wicking out (or when Logan decides to undo his diaper under his clothes and I don't notice).

At night, I use an insert made by a WAHM on these boards (leobaby). It is hemp with microfiber. It is well made, washes and dries quickly, and lasts all night. Logan doesn't sleep all night, but we don't do nighttime diaper changes (don't feel bad if your little one doesn't sleep all night...they aren't really designed to).

Logan is 16 months old. He used to be a fairly heavy wetter, but we have been noticing that inserts are no longer completely saturated when removed. It appears that it is getting better.

Kim M.

heather_c 05-17-2006 02:27 PM

Re: Pocket Peeps
We use either Happy Heiny Hemp Stuffins or microfiber inserts that came free with my FBs. They are similar to cotton babies inserts. I also have 4 cotton babies inserts.

I have been pretty pleased with all of my inserts, but will use a Stuffin if I know I will not be able to change for 2 hours.

I have not been able to convince my husband to CD at night. He is afraid of leaks. :( We also have a ton of sposies still to use. Once our sposies are used up, I will use a Cotton Babies inserts on top of a Joey Bunz. My DS is not a super soaker at night. He waits until the first morning diaper.

hollyhobby30 05-17-2006 03:48 PM

Re: Pocket Peeps has a nice microfiber insert that comes free with the diapers. It works great for day and I just add a doubler at night. No leaks yet.

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