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Renaissance Mom 05-16-2006 05:31 PM

Need a good WAHM Pail liner -- SPAM me!
On vacation, I melted my good Bummi's pail liner in my MIL's dryer. :cry:My Re-Uz-Em bag has been totally unsable for quite some time now (it didn't last even 20 washes!), and I've got to fix this. I was really liking the look of the Happy Tushies custom pail liners, but I'm not familiar with ProCare . . . and seem to remember hearing that it didn't hold up well in the wash. Anybody have a procare pail liner that has really held up well?

Anyway, here are my criteria:

1. Needs to be 25" x 29" to fit my pail.
2. I need COLOR! lol Print options are my preference.
3. Zipper top. (I'm tired of the drawstring in the PW soaker tangle, or trying to tie it up and then UNtie it when it's clean.)
4. W-A-T-E-R-P-R-O-O-F and durable.
5. I'd like to spend $25 or less . . . after all, I need two! lol
6. Bonuses I'd :loveit: would be a pocket for a PailPal, and a loop for hanging.

If this isn't reasonable, somebody let me know, so I can operate in reality. :lostit:


rowynne 05-16-2006 05:58 PM

Re: Need a good WAHM Pail liner -- SPAM me!
I got a pail liner from mommy2zander on here. She actually made a custom size for me. PM her & see what she can do, VERY reasonable prices too!

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