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kayleesmom 05-16-2006 06:42 PM

hlp kaylee is tackling kids at school
kaylees teacher told me today that kaylee is tackling the other children and taking them down for toys they have and holding onto toys for dear life. She is a only child age 21.5 months and has a speech delay. How do i deal with this? her teacher said it is probably becuase she doesnt have the verbal skills to say what she is feeling and gets frustrated becuase the other children can. but how can i help her? she is being reevaluated for EI next week but in the mean time how can i help her. i feel so helpless. the school said there isnt much i can do at home becuase she is a only child and so i wont run into these problems at home.

Help greatly appreciated from moms with children that had speech delays or how to help kaylee deal with this.

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