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Lucy van Pelt 01-20-2009 03:30 PM

Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
I am so frustrated by cooking and would love any tips from other parents dealing with the same allergies. How do you get them to eat the good stuff, especially if cooking is not your talent?

It totally stinks that my son can't eat milk, eggs, or peanuts. Yes, I already know to be grateful he isn't allergic to something even more challenging like wheat, or that the list isn't longer, and that we've been lucky he hasn't had a trip to the emergency room.

Two year old kids don't like a lot of stuff.
I didn't want to cook tonight, but I did and he ate two bites and refused the rest (pasta, ground beef and sweet potato - not very appealing, but usually he likes these foods and when you take away all the fun stuff that's what is left.) I could really just cry. All the time I spend around food is so wasted.

We can't keep peanut butter in the house. DH & I miss peanut butter.
I can't ever catch a break by making a grilled cheese or scrambled eggs for lunch or dinner.
Forget pizza (cheese) or chinese food (peanuts, peanut oil).

The allergy-free cookbooks are not geared at a 2-year old palette.
The vegan cookbooks always seem to include nuts in anything remotely appealing, especially peanut butter.
Nearly every recipe the Sneaky Chef uses to hide the veggies include cheese, eggs or peanut butter.

I can't ever shop just in one supermarket - I spend more time going from store to store, and money.
We eat meat more frequently than we want to because DS can't have cheese or eggs and it's not just for protein, it's to have something of substance in the meal.
When I do find a "shortcut" prepared food, it is always 3x as expensive because it's in a specialty store.
I always have to pack food if we're going out for the day because so few stores carry what he can eat, and restaurants are even more of a challenge.

I've never liked cooking but I really HATE everything about it now - shopping for food, thinking of what to do with it, cooking, and the endless cleaning up (I am getting a microwave to cut down on the dirty pots and pans when reheating leftovers.) And being stuck in the kitchen provides the perfect opportunity for DS to tear apart the apartment.

Is this just a cultural problem? I mean, in places where resources are limited, are the toddlers picky? I'm guessing they learn quickly, "eat X, because that's all there is." I never wanted to be a parent who fixes separate meals for the kid, but all his meals are special because of the allergies. And so much gets thrown out because it seems like there's a limit to how safe it would be to keep reheating the same food.

And yes, I was aware that cooking 3x a day was part of staying home - but it's not like we had chef when I was working, either. Cooking is so completely unrewarding.

Bellamoon 01-20-2009 05:45 PM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
Hello! My dd also 2 has EE and multiple food allergies. She is on formula (neocate Jr) and will be for a long time. I wont list what she cant eat as that list is too is what she CAN eat. Chicken, rice, potatoes and fruit and olive oil. Thats it. Its extreamly hard to feed my dd She wants to eat what every one else is eating and she cant or she gets really sick. I also want my dd to eat what we do but its too hard for everyone that way. I make a big thing of rice on sundays to last her though the week...then i make enough chicken for about 3 days that way all i have to do is get her fresh fruit or a potatoe instead of rice.

I just got two new food allergy cookbooks and will let you know if there is anything good in there geared toward the younger ones. It is hard and i feel that sometimes i need more support ( my dh is deployed and my ds has adhd) and some days its all i can do to not have a pitty me day. I just focus on knowing that i am doing the best i can to help my itty bitty get big and strong, which isnt happening very fast. Were talking like 3-4 ounce gain in 3 months.

We dont even go to restaraunts any more unless we get a sitter, which also never happes. My family is over 800 miles away and i dont trust very many people to keep her safe. Anyways feel free to pm me!

eileenAKAmommy 01-20-2009 05:57 PM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
My LO has many allergies as well, I make everything form scratch, we barely go to a restaurant because of him. (Which is fine with me!) There is a good website that is worth the yearly fee (I think it's $25 still)

LO has been the same weight for a long time, we have to see a GI next month because of his allergies, and make sure there is nothing else going on, internally.

LO was on Nutramigen until a few months ago, but is now on EO-28 Splash, going off of the formula has helped a bit with his skin as well.

"Many infants and toddlers who suffer from allergic and gastrointestinal conditions (i.e. milk allergy, multiple food protein allergy, eosinophilic esophagitis, allergic induced GERD, short bowl syndrome) find desperately needed relief in Neocate, an amino acid-based medical food. "

tinyblackdot 01-20-2009 05:59 PM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
see siggy LOL!

ttachuk 01-20-2009 06:25 PM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
:hugs: We don't have issues with allergies, but I do have a picky child and sometimes get so frustrated when I work so hard to make a meal only to hear "I don't like it". It makes me want to throw the food across the kitchen :banghead: . I can imagine that it must be a challenge when there are food restrictions and I hope you find some ideas for help.

luckylot1999 01-20-2009 06:48 PM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
We have a three year old with 23 food allergies, fortunately, one of the foods NOT on that list is nuts. I have a blog where I write about our experiences and our journey to finding the reason why he has them and how to heal him.

We now also have a 6 month old who is allergic to milk and has eczema, so we are heading down the same road, although slightly different since our older son's allergies are delayed. So I will be learning all over again with this one.


daizydoo 01-20-2009 09:59 PM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
My 2 year old is also allergic to eggs,dairy and nuts. We still eat pizza and she gets a mini with no cheese with either hamburger or black olives or both. She loves it and doesn't care that hers does not have cheese. We just had to check to see which places do not use dairy in the crust-most around here do not but something you need to check. The pizza places were more than willing to check ingredients. She also likes tacos and burritos just with no cheese again. Pasta with spaghetti sauce with or without meat. Pancakes made with soy or rice milk and the powdered egg replacer. Those are a few of her favorite meals. You can pm me for more ideas if you would like.

amberpayne27 01-21-2009 08:55 AM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
I didn't have time to read through this all. My dd is also allergic to eggs, milk, and we're terrified to try peanuts for fear she's allergic to that, too. Anyway, one product I've found that we love is Soy Butter. We found it at Super Wal Mart, of all places. It's actually the Great Value (WM) brand. It tastes VERY much like peanut butter and my dd loves it. Yes, there's a slight difference in taste, but I've even baked with it and you can't tell the difference. It tastes much more like peanut butter than I expected. The lid is orange on it. Unless your lo is allergic to soy, you should be ok with it. :hugs: I know how frustrating it is!

amberpayne27 01-21-2009 08:59 AM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
Oh, and is he allergic to butter? For some reason, my dd breaks out in hives immediately with anything that has milk in it, but she can handle butter. I cook with soy milk (plain) and most recipes are ok to replace one egg with one tbs vinegar. I made my dd an egg free milk free chocolate birthday cake (used cocoa powder, which she is not allergic to). It used soy milk and vinegar and was DELICIOUS! Not all recipes do well with the 1 egg=1tbs vinegar thing, but it's trial and error. I even did it with meat loaf and it was yummy.

Lucy van Pelt 01-21-2009 05:13 PM

Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?
Thank you all for posting. I feel embarrassed complaining about my son's 3 manageable allergies when reminded of the greater limitations several of you face. And while I do have to be cautious of his safety, I've not had to worry about his growth; I will work on being grateful.
Thank you for the website information and cooking & ingredient suggestions. I know a big part of my problem is my own lack of love for the kitchen!
I'm 7 months pregnant with kiddo # 2 and am just keeping my fingers crossed that if this LO has allergies they are at least the SAME as my son's.

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