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sunshineandlove 04-19-2006 06:16 AM

really need an answer!
I bought "fleece" at Walmart intending to use it to top the hemp doublers I am going to make but now I don't know if it is the right type of fleece to do that. It is thicker than the other fleece I've bought to cut liners.
I don't want to sew a dozen doublers with fleece that is going to repel instead of absorb!! help!!

kimb96 04-19-2006 06:19 AM

Re: really need an answer!
Just because it is thicker doesn't mean it won't work. I have a couple of wahm pockets that are made with thick fleece and they work just fine. The thicker fleece does pill more though. Drop a few drops of water on it and see if it will go through. If it beads up at the top and doesn't go through, it is the wrong kind.

GrowingUpMad 04-19-2006 06:59 AM

Re: really need an answer!
Where's my smilie that says Yeah That! anyway, that's what I'd say as well!

vick 04-19-2006 07:20 AM

Re: really need an answer!
I'm thinking you *may* need to take it back (if possible) and get microfleece. MF is a really thin, lightweight fleece.

But if you do the watere test the PP suggested and the water goes thru, it's probably fine to use it regardless of whether it's MF or not.

daisybaby 04-19-2006 07:37 AM

Re: really need an answer!
Make sure when you test it to use like a bulb syrings to similate "peeing". A couple of drops may go through, but peeing may sit on top for a minute before it absorbs.

MamaZ 04-19-2006 08:53 AM

Re: really need an answer!
Definitely check. Most of the walmart fleece I get repels water.

sunshineandlove 04-19-2006 09:49 AM

Re: really need an answer!
Well it is the wrong kind of fleece! I used a measuring cup and poured a bit on. It sat there. I turned it over and one single time (the first time) it went right through so I was like ok there is a right side and a wrong side. Nope. It never happened again with any of the other pieces.
Can't take it back either. *sigh*

vick 04-19-2006 10:14 AM

Re: really need an answer!
You could use it to make a cover...

stopka7224 04-19-2006 11:33 AM

Re: really need an answer!
try washind a pice of it. I find that mine stops repelling after it has been washed and dried! HTH ;)

bfoster2000 04-19-2006 12:00 PM

Re: really need an answer!
I'm no expert but I would say to wash it and then try a piece in a dipe to see how it does. Even with my "good" microfleece liners, the water tends to bead a bit if you just drop it on. I've been told that you can't judge by that because urine is different than water and it's different when the fabric is against their bottom and they are spraying pee through it. I have a hard time believing that you found "cover quality" fleece for cheap at Walmart, you know? The stuff I got there is thicker than some fleece liners I have, but it still works great for liners. Like a pp said, it tends to pill a bit more, but it still works well. If you try it in a diaper and it doesn't work, what about fleece blankets? I found some patterns for crochet edgings to do on fleece baby blankets and they turn out adorable!

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