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GoddessWifeMom 11-21-2006 02:45 PM

Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
Okay since having Ephraim the discussion of vasectomy has come up in our household again.

My DH wants to put some of his 4 months of paternity leave to good use and have it done. I on the other hand have a little part of me that just isn't sure about it.

I mean right now we totally couldn't afford to have another baby. I would absoloutley have to work and even then I would basically be working to pay for the 900.00 a month per baby daycare. So it totally doesn't make sense, plus I want to be a SAHM which I am now and can continue to be.

My hesitation is we are only 27 & 30 and it just seems so young to me to decide now that later on we won't want to have another on or at least have the option. KWIM?

We are 3.5 years married and now have 2 babies only 15 months apart so it has all happened so quickly.

I could just go on BC but it seems that for some reason we are VERY fertile and we are worried that even with that it's more than somewhat possible that we could end up with #3 quickly.

Most of me agrees that we are done. We have one of each and we are still young so we can enjoy them and still have so much time. If we just stick with 2 we can spoil the two we have and not be feeling like we are tight at all.

Then a teeny little piece of me thinks my pregnancies are so easy and uneventful no symptoms hardly & my labors are super quick and intense but as "easy" as labors could go. So it seems a shame to waste that. :laugh:

But that doesn't mean that as I get older they will stay "easy".

Anyway just wrestling with this trying to get that last little teeny bit of me on side.

Do you think 27 & 30 seems young to say no more. I mean my only sibling is 12 so my Mom had her when she was 35, I can't say for sure that in 7 years I won't want another baby KWIM.

Leininger27 11-21-2006 02:51 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
Seems young to me, especially if their is a piece of you that may in the future want another one! My DH said she was done after our first almost 7 years ago!! HAHA we now have 4 and he wouldn't trade any of them for the world!!!

LuAnn 11-21-2006 02:56 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
If your not sure your done, I wouldn't fix anything yet..JMO, but if your SURE your done, than no 27/30 is not to young. Good luck in your decision


worldwarcaitlin 11-21-2006 03:02 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
honestly I don't think it's too young, esp if you already have two kids. however you should not do anything permanent unless both of you are 100% sure.

Luvmybabies 11-21-2006 03:03 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
I had a tubal done 2 days after Corey was born. We knew going into the pregnancy that we were done after 2 babies. I was 28, Jim was 29 when Corey was born.

Make sure that you are absolutely certain, that and not age is the most important thing here :)

Shannon 11-21-2006 03:19 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
I don't think it is too young at all. I am 25 and Dh is 27 and he is having a vasectimy done in January.

It's acually a very hard decision for me. I probebly would have another baby but I am making sure that we dont'. Financially it makes little sense for us to have another one. Not to mention my mental stabilitly....That sounds horrible but I really dont' think I can handle any more children. IMO just because you want to have more children doesn't mean you should...if you have valid reasons why you also shouldn't....does that makes sense? It's just hard to shut the door on this chapter of my life already because it has gone by so fast and I can't believe that I'm really about to be done having I feel you!

Good luck on your decision:)

Mindi 11-21-2006 03:21 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
I *thought* I was done at 20 and exDH was 22. I went to have my tubes tied but the doc wouldn't do it b/c of my insurance. A few years later he had the big V.
Now that I am remarried I am very glad that I wasn't able to be fixed.
I would say you aren't too young to have something permanent done, but you both do need to be ready for it. :hugs:

rowynne 11-21-2006 03:27 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
My mom had her tubal at 25 (& 4 kids of course). Dh & I discussed him getting a V back when Julia was born but we put it off (didnt have the $$). THen decided to have Sofia & had so much trouble we knew we were done! But the forces that be intervened & it didnt get done. Now we are planning on ttc our 4th & last this spring (I wanted 4, dh wanted 2). He will be getting his V after that. Oh & we are only 30/31. We were 25/26 when we first thought of doing it.

aept 11-21-2006 03:43 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
Yes, I think it's too young, but that's JMO. Although the biggest thing is that you said right up front that there's a little part of you that is not sure you're done yet. Plus we just had our first at 29 and 32, so I'm a little biased there. Have you considered an IUD? They are supposed to be very reliable and are available with/without hormones. That might be a good option for the next several years or so, until you are really sure about it. Some women have an IUD placed at their 6-week pp OB appt.

bobandjess99 11-21-2006 03:52 PM

Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??
age-wise I don't think it is necesarily too young....
however, being "not-sure" is definitely a reason not to get anything permanent done

Actually, there are several forms of BC that are as effective as, or even MORE effective that sterilization..(seems odd, doesn't it?)

You could have a 5 or 10 year IUD put in....that would give you some time to think.....heck, I'd say 99% of people with 2 kids in 15 months would say, at least as a knee-jerk reaction, that they are done having kids (especially the men!)....but down the just don't know.
Also, Depo,despite its side effects, is almost impossible to get preggo on...really.
You can even double up with methods, copper IUD plus the pill plus condoms and abstaining during your fertile time. (dont laugh, I know people who've done it!) Or something less drastic, like nuvaring plus condoms, depo plus nfp, iud plus patch..etc.

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